Baby picky food is difficult to serve?


5 tricks to help you get him

Baby picky food is difficult to serve?
5 tricks to help you get him

Baby does not eat, mother is desperate?
I believe many mothers have encountered such a leak.

This is not a niche problem. Most of the babies around us have picky eaters.

So where is the problem?

What makes the baby uninterested in food?

Come and teach everyone how to deal with your baby’s picky food today. Let’s take a look.

There are several reasons why children are picky eaters. 1. Snacks eat too much and affect the intake of meals.

2, the type of food that comes into contact with children is relatively simple, and is unwilling to accept strange food.

3, for certain food traits, special odor, taste is more sensitive 4, parents also have a habit of partial eclipse.

5, lack of dining ritual feeling or destruction.

A few strokes to deal with the baby food style: one is not too strong for the baby, they are very sensitive to the nature of the parents.

If you want her to obey the meal, there is a good chance of rebellion.

Therefore, please put away your set of “coercion and temptation”, don’t make the meal like negotiation, this will make your baby’s picky eating mood high.

Move 2: Don’t love, pick up the baby to eat. Some parents think that as long as the baby loves to eat, they can do it every day. If the baby doesn’t like it, it will be ignored. This is actually a wrong demonstration of the baby, what she thinksJust pick what you like.

Do not think that obedience is the expression of loving children. You will only make her feel that she is special. When she lives in kindergarten, she will have serious picky eating emotions.

Therefore, please keep the nutrition of the food when feeding the baby, and tell her that nothing is special, whether you like it or not, try to try it.

Move 3: Learn to let your baby try a variety of tastes Sometimes the baby doesn’t like certain foods because of the fear brought by strangers, which gives her a strong sense of rejection.

At this time, it is recommended that parents can use the game, or change the pattern of food, so that the baby is curious about this food, naturally let the baby open the taste.

Recruitment 4: Parents should lead by example. Some parents like to show their authority. They want their children to be obedient and want her to eat anything.

In fact, the biggest problem may not be in the baby, the reason may appear in the parents.

Don’t forget that the baby’s curiosity and behavioral performance of the world only begins with imitating close people.

If you have a picky eater behavior, your child may draw a gourd as well, and may be more picky.

So, while teaching others, let’s lead by example.

Move 5: Don’t force eating, know the nature of food for the body. For food that children don’t like, parents can’t force eating. This will be counterproductive and make children hate certain foods.

It is recommended to let the child know the essence of each kind of food by telling the picture book or letting the child watch the inertia of the child, and guide the child to develop the habit of not picky eaters.

If the child is willing to try new food, even if the amount is small, parents should give encouragement.

銆€銆€The baby picky eater may be a staged behavior, and this skill is not brought by her when she was born.

This has a very big relationship with the guidance of the day after tomorrow.

If you want your baby not to picky eaters, then don’t pick food for your baby. When you give her the habit of cooking, it is difficult to correct the problem of picky eaters.

銆€銆€In addition, parents must remember that when the baby’s picky behavior has improved, please do not praise your praise, which will make her think that not picky eaters is a good behavior, in order to persist.