Health – walking expensive in the heart, health is expensive walking


Health: go expensive in your heart, keep your health at walking

The speed at which people walk now is as fast as our life festival. They are mostly serious, they are very upright, they are leaping and flying, and after a short walk, they are all panting, and everyone is sweating.

銆€銆€Although such a “walking” way, moving, sweating is always good.

But everyone does not know, this is just a Western-style exercise method, care about “aerobic and anaerobic”, “breathing heart rate”, pay attention to the exercise of organs, muscles and bones.

銆€銆€Walking is expensive, health is expensive, and Chinese people have always paid attention to “walking” to maintain health. The northerners commonly call “slippers”; the elegant point is “walking.”

銆€銆€The Chinese-style “walking” is based on traditional culture.

“Walkers, scattered and unconcerned, and standing and standing, must have a leisurely state.

“Unrestrained, stop and go, leisurely, the Qing Dynasty health masterpiece “Old and old Heng Yan” point out the proper attitude and mentality of walking health, walking is expensive.

銆€銆€Western-style heavy fitness, Chinese-style re-cultivation of the heart, good and bad, different cultural backgrounds, a moment of Yu Liang, difficult to distinguish.

This is like the US President’s vision of flying, often trotting all the way up the ramp, thinking that it is energetic.

The Chinese people value the stability of their leadership.

In the Qing dynasty, Shi Biaobei was in direct contact with the three dynasties. When he met the emperor’s call, he was still 鈥淵a Bu as usual鈥?

The others urged him to be taught a lesson: “The world has a prime minister!”

“The historian praised it: “The volume is huge and the style is dazzling.

“Hua Yi is different, this can be seen.”