2019 America’s Cup lottery group match details

2019 America’s Cup lottery group match details
On the morning of January 25, 2019, Beijing time, the 2019 America’s Cup completed the group draw.The host Brazil team won the signing, Argentina will play against Colombia, and the specially invited Japanese team will play against Uruguay and defending champion Chile.  The host Brazil is assigned to Group A, and the teams in the same group are Peru, Venezuela and Bolivia.In addition to Peru’s slightly stronger strength, the other two teams are South America’s bottom fish troops.  Argentina is the seed team of Group B, and there are Colombia, Paraguay and Qatar in this group.Colombia and Paraguay are both tough bones, and Qatar is invited to participate like Japan.  The seed team for Group C is Uruguay, which also has Chile, Japan and Ecuador.In the warm-up match last October, the Japanese team defeated Uruguay 4-3.2019 America’s Cup grouping details Group A: Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia Group B: Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Qatar Group C: Uruguay, Chile, Japan, Ecuador Original title: America’s Cup lottery: Brazil signed Japan PK ChileUruguay!Brother Ge

The new single co-operated with Orange Sea, Yi Xi Qianxi was praised and appreciated the fast pace

The new single co-operated with Orange Sea, Yi Xi Qianxi was praised and appreciated the fast pace
On November 28, 2019, on the 19th birthday of Yi Xi Qianxi, his new single “Between Calm and Passion” was officially released on the music platform.The song was composed by the singer Li Qinqiang, co-produced with Yi Xian Qianxi several times in the production plan and co-ordinated the lyrics of the waters, and invited the new band from Qingdao, Orange Sea, as the arranger and producer, through the Quanzhen instruments and electronicThe special effects of the different orchestras of the timbre create “coolness” and “enthusiasm” unique to Yi Xi Qianxi, full of romantic chemical reactions.After the release of the new song, “Yi Xian Qianxi Orange Sea Cooperation” has attracted the attention and discussion of many fans. So, how did this wonderful cross-layer cooperation come into being?Sauna, Night Net interviewed the Liushuiji and Orange Sea, which caused important people behind the scenes to reveal the whole story of “between calmness and enthusiasm” from germination to advent.Temporary “Fire Fighting” for the Liu Shui Ji, a well-known music critic who tailored the lyrics for Yi Xian Qian XiOverall planning.In the process of preparing Yi Xin Qianxi’s new album, one day he heard the original sample of “Between Calm and Passion” from composer Li Qinqiu, “I think it is very suitable for Qianxi, and laterDuring Xi’s discussion, he also liked the song himself, but he felt that the original lyrics were not what he wanted.”After deciding to re-create the lyrics, the original author Li Qinqi first wrote a version, but still reached a satisfactory state, and Liu Shuiji as an album production planning co-ordination, he decided to temporarily add” firefighter “, according to daily andYi Xian Qianxi’s feelings of getting along with him created the final lyrics for him.”Qianxi started a lot of talent training from a very young age, and then grew step by step. He was recognized by everyone in his field for practical work,” Liu Shuiji said. Many people think that Yixi Qianxi is very cold.沉默的、神秘的,但是在他的观察中,千玺其实是一个热情的、有自己的想法跟审美的、有艺术感悟力的大男孩,“所以我定了这个主题‘冷静和热情之间’,是因为我觉得大家没必要用刻板标签去定义千玺的性格,他是一个会用自己的方式去向全世界发出玩耍邀请的男孩儿,也会像一个在深海里的火山那样,经常产生Unexpected surprise expression.”Orange Orange arranges for others for the first time,” Qianxi comprehends quickly, and the rhythm is very good. In the process of preparing Yi Xin Qianxi’s new album, Liu Shuiji said that he hopes that each song can be produced with suitable but diversePeople cooperate, “I think the song” Between Calm and Passion “is suitable for Orange Sea.”Orange Sea, this new band from Qingdao, Shandong, has” Summer Stone “,” Heating “and many other works loved by young listeners.”The common point between the Orange Sea and Yi Xi Qianxi is that the work is full of power and imagination.Later, I sent some of the works of Orange Sea to Qianxi’s team to listen to it. Everyone liked it very much and found it very suitable. Both parties thought it was a collaboration that can stimulate creativity and imagination.”This” Between Calmness and Enthusiasm “is the first time that Orange Sea arranges for other singers, and also the band drummer Qing Xi’s first time as a producer of mainstream artists-when invited, the band was pleasantly surprised and cheap at one time,”The previous impression of Qianxi was an entertainer with good aesthetics, business skills, and personality. The first response to the invitation was a special situation. It was difficult to associate the names Yi Qianxi and Orange Sea, butI think it should be interesting.”Because the demo of the received music is completely different from that of the band itself, Orange Sea once felt a headache for this collaboration, but when they listened to all the previous works of Yi Xi Qianxi, these big men from Qingdao, ShandongThe boy found his direction again, “Qianxi’s voice and singing style are very likely, and the song itself is also very suitable for him. When we were arranging and making, we were very comfortable combining his voice with the orange sea arranger.”Recalling the recording process of the new song, Orange Sea said that it was very smooth,” Qian Xi’s preparations are in place, we will put forward some requirements for the way of song interpretation during recording, he realized quickly, and was impressed that Qian Xi’s rhythm is very good”The various details make the producer Qingxi, who is a drummer, feel very comfortable when recording.” The lyrics of this song are a very good interpretation of Qian Xi himself, and we are also trying to express it when we are making arrangementsThe picture of the lyrics, between calmness and enthusiasm, is the boundary between being alone and glowing.”Eggs: About the new album!As a co-ordinator of the production of the new album, Liushui Jixiang sauna, Yenet reappeared, this time the work is not like the mini album concept of “I am happy to release my inner fireworks in silence”, but just a full-length studio album.”The album style is very diverse, and there will be many surprises that are unexpected to the audience. It is expected to show Qianxi at different temperature levels.”Liu Shui Ji said that this brand-new work will let the audience see the musical sincerity of Qian Xi himself and all the team members,” we even returned to the practices of the golden age of Chinese music, but we hope that these practices are all suitable and natural.It will not be that kind of bluntness, or it is done to forcefully establish something.It is undoubtedly a musical work with inclusiveness and rich imagination space.”Sauna, Ye Chang, editor of Yang Chang Tian Ai Ni proofreading Wei Zhuo

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鎷ユ湁涓€澶村仴搴蜂箤榛戠殑浜彂锛岀浉淇℃槸鎵€鏈変汉鐨勫笇鏈涘惂锛屼絾鏄垜浠兘鐭ラ亾鏈変簺浜猴紝瀹规槗鏃╃敓鐧藉彂锛岃繖瀵硅嚜宸辨潵璇寸‘瀹炴槸寰堝洶鎵扮殑浜嬫儏锛屾墍浠ユ垜浠篃瑕佷簡瑙d竴浜涙湁鏁堢殑涔屽彂鏂规硶锛岃€屾钁氫箤鍙戞槸寰堝浜轰細浣跨敤鐨勬柟娉曪紝閭d箞涓嬮潰鎴戜滑鏉ヤ簡瑙d竴涓嬪畠鏄惁鏈夋晥鏋溿€傚叾瀹為€夋嫨妗戣憵涔屽彂鐨勮瘽锛岀‘瀹炴湁涓€瀹氱殑鏃犳硶鍔熸晥锛屽I ‘m not sure what I ‘m going to do, I ‘m going to do it ╁ ご 鍝 戝 哉 哉 叉 咉 咔 沔 岄 沦 沜 憤憤 戰 戰 戰 戰 戰 憰鑹茬礌锛岃繖浜涢粦鑹茬礌灏辨槸璁╁ご鍙戝彉寰椾箤榛戞湁鍏夋辰鐨勫師鍥狅紝鎵€浠ュぇ瀹跺彲浠ュ皾璇曢鐢ㄦ钁氾紝甯姪鐧藉彂杞垚榛戝彂鏁堟灉鏄瘮杈冩槑鏄剧殑銆傛钁氶櫎浜嗗叿鏈変竴瀹氱殑涔屽彂鍔熸晥涔嬪锛屽叾瀹炲畠杩樺彲浠ュ府鍔╂垜浠姪娑堝寲锛屽洜涓烘钁氬綋涓繕鏈夋瘮杈冨鐨勮嫻鏋滈吀銆佽剛鑲吀绛夎繖浜涜惀鍏荤墿璐紝鑳藉甯姪鑲犺儍锠曞姩锛屾秷鍖栭鐗╋紝鏀瑰杽鍘岄椋熸涔嬩笉姝f垨鑰呮槸娑堝寲涓嶈壇绛夌棁鐘讹紝浣嗘槸瑕佹敞鎰忕殑鏄湪绌鸿吂鐨勬椂鍊欎笉鑳藉椋熺敤锛屼互鍏嶅鑲犺儍閫犳垚涓嶈壇鐨勫奖鍝嶃€備簨瀹炰笂妗戣憵鍏跺疄杩樻湁寰堝ソ鐨Awkwardly, you will be able to see if you have a hard time, or if you have to go through it, you will have to go through it, you will have to go through it.鍒板緢濂界殑鍑忓皯鐥樼棙鐨勫姛鏁堬紝鍥犱负瀹冭兘澶熻捣鍒颁笅鐏殑鏁堟灉锛岃€屼笖椋熺敤妗戣憵鐨勮瘽锛岄偅涔堝鎴戜滑鐨勫仴搴峰張涓嶄細閫犳垚鍏朵粬涓嶈壇鐨勫奖鍝嶄互鍙婂嵄瀹炽€?

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铏界劧鎷岄潰鏈€鏃╄捣婧愪簬绂忓缓锛屼絾鍦ㄥ緢澶氬湴鏂归兘鏈夌被浼肩殑鍋氭硶銆傛瘮濡傛柊鐤嗙殑鎷夋潯瀛愶紝骞夸笢鐨勬崬闈€傛媽闈㈠ソ涓嶅ソ鍚冮叡鐨勫埗浣滄槸寰堝叧閿殑姝ラ锛岃鎯冲悆鍒版瀹楃殑鎷岄潰锛屽叾瀹炰篃涓嶆槸寰堥毦锛屽叧閿槸鎶婃柟娉曞鍒颁綅浜嗭紝澶氬皾璇曞嚑娆″氨鍙互浜嗐€傞偅涔堬紝閰辨媽闈㈡€庝箞娉★紵涓嬮潰鍜变滑灏辨潵鐪嬬湅鍚с€傚仛娉曚竴閰嶆枡锛氭潗鏂?鈱 ㈡ 浔 氲 夬 楹 ﹂氉 4 鏉  璴 搶 溶 姴 姟 揟 揂 揙 揟 璙 璙 珙 炙 璙 炙 炥 彍 2 寮 纴 纴 源 呭 呐 摐 1/2 玗  纗 鑳 涅涅涅涅 摅/ 2 Juan  綨 珓 揓 睿: It is necessary to make up for the difference between the world and the world. It ‘s a good idea. What ‘s the matter? What ‘s the matter?) Li?鏉崬楹﹂潰閲屾斁鐩愭按锛屽苟鍦ㄥ帇闈㈡満閲岃涧鍑洪潰鏉″悗鏀惧湪寮€姘撮噷鐓啛锛屽啀鐢ㄥ噳姘存紓涓€婕傛崬鍦ㄧ瓙鍐呫€?) Guo Mo Ma  绨 揓 欓 Rui 銆?) 鎶婅儭钀濆崪銆侀粍鐡滃垏鎴愪笣锛屽苟灏嗙传鑿滀篃鍒囨垚涓濄€?) 鎶婇潰鏉℃斁鍦ㄩ潰鏉$涓紝鍐嶄笂闈㈡斁鑳¤悵鍗溿€侀粍鐡溿€佺传鑿滐紝骞舵斁浣愭枡閰辨媽钁楀悆銆?) 鏍规嵁鑷繁鐨勫棞濂藉彲浠ュ姞鏀捐姤鑼夈€佺櫧绯栥€侀唻銆?) 鍙互褰撲綔鎷岄潰鍚冿紝涔熷彲鐢ㄦ场鑿滄堡銆佺叜闈㈡潯鐨勬堡鍜岃倝姹ょ殑娉¢潰鍚冦€? This is a fine-grained sentence for the awarding of awards and awards, and the awards are given to the award-winning pots and pans.佽煿铻倝銆佸ⅷ楸笺€佹捣鍙傘€佺鑺辩敓銆侀叡娌广€侀唻銆佺硸銆佽荆妞掔矇鎴栭粦鑳℃绮夈€傛搷浣滐 细 1.What are you going to do? What are you going to do? Do you want to go around? Do you want to go around? Do you want to go back and forth?.灏嗛潰鏉″拰铏句粊銆佽煿铻倝銆佸ⅷ楸煎垎鍒儷鐔熴€?.灏嗛潰琚嬩腑鐨勯叡鏂欏€掑叆纰椾腑锛屽姞鍐峰紑姘淬€侀叡娌广€侀唻銆佺硸璋冨紑锛屾媽鍏ラ潰鏉°€?.璧烽攨鍚庢拻涓婄鑺辩敓锛屽彲渚濈収涓汉鍙e懗鍐嶆拻涓婅荆妞掔矇鎴栭粦鑳℃绮夊嵆鍙€備綔娉曚笁閰嶆枡锛氫富鏂欓潰绮夎緟鏂?绾€侀粍銆佺豢鏌垮瓙妞掋€侀潰鍖呯墖璋冩枡 鐩愩€佺櫧绯栥€侀唻銆侀粦鑳℃銆佺啛鑺濋夯銆佹﹦姒勬补1 child’s carelessness 1. 灏嗛潰绮夌敤姘村拰鎴愰潰鍥紝鍒囨垚闈㈢墖锛屽潗閿呯偣鐏€掑叆姘达紝寰呮按寮€鍚庢斁鍏ラ潰鐗囩叜鐔掑 逴 鄴 笣 笣 叩叩 揤 Hong stretched out 夑 夛 夆 哆 哆 哙 哙 女 掏 凴 焪 笣 囩 揤 敤 2.What is the problem? What is the problem? Do you have a problem? Do you have a problem? Do you have a problem? Do you have a problem?櫧绯栥€佺孩閰掋€侀粦鑳℃銆佽姖楹绘悈鎷屽潎鍖€鍗冲彲椋熺敤鍋氭硶鍥涢厤鏂欙細楦¤泲缁嗛潰1鏉熴€佽懕鏈?Gong Luo, pets, hazels, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, kun, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, and sorrowsAdmittedly, press the button (绾? 紾?Min?锛屾斁鍏ョ粏闈㈢叜鐔熴€?锛庨潰纰楀唴鍏堟斁鍏ヨ懕鏈強鎵€鏈夎皟鍛虫枡鎷屽寑銆?メ 皢 頢 醦  ソ 镄 勭 粏 闱 ㈡ 卬 鍑 閑 斁 捏 鍏 ワ 纴 鎷 屽 南 鍗 冲 彲

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鍋氳泲绯曟槸涓€浠舵妧鏈椿鍎匡紝娌℃湁涓€瀹氱殑鍔熷簳鏄緢闅惧仛鍑哄畬鏁磋泲绯曠殑锛屼絾鏄殢鐫€浜轰滑鐢熸椿姘村钩鐨勬瀬澶ф彁楂橈紝涓€浜涘鏉傜殑鐑归オ鎶€鑹轰篃閫愭笎鍖栫箒涓虹畝锛岃€岃泲绯曡繖绉嶅鏉傜殑鐑归オ鎶€鑹轰篃鎬荤粨浜嗕笉灏戠畝鍗曠殑鍋氭硶锛屼絾鏄鍋氬ソ鍚冭繕鏄笉瀹规槗鐨勶紝涓嬮潰灏辨潵鐪嬬湅铔嬬硶鎬庝箞鏍峰仛鎵嶅ソ鍚冪殑璁茶В鍚с€?1 銆 嗸 嗳 囶 囧 ソ 3–4 铆 哳 哔 嬶 側 偦 噦 噺 闱 ア Month: 屼 獴 鍖 呯 哯 閖 卼 獴 鐩 掕 旕 痗 綺綺 綔 綔 綔 綔 綔 ザ娌癸纴鐩愩€?銆佹妸楦¤泲鏁茬锛屾妸铔嬮粍璺熻泲娓呭垎绂汇€?Do you have a look at the peaks and peaks of the gallium and the gallium and the gallium? You can read the gallium and the gallium and the galloping, you can find out what the hydrogen is.銆佽泲娓呮墦浜嗗樊涓嶅鍑犲垎閽熷悗锛屼細鍑虹幇娉℃搏锛屼负浜嗚铔嬬硶鏇寸敎锛屽姞鍏ュ崐鍕哄瓙鐩愩€?銆佽繕鏈変竴鍕哄瓙绯栥€?6銆佺劧钖庣户缁墦锛屽樊缁墦锛屽镓扑简20简拌泲娓呮参鎱㈠彉寰鎱㈠彉句竴鍕哄瓙绯栥€?Moquanzhiyang Yiai Buddhists х painting Jialurenchen  Qinchanyunbeng Bangwayansou ュ He Hunqianrensui Cunlangyarong Le Chenchatongyue Anjuexisu za Liguiyanben Chutangrouban瀛愪笂涓嶄細鎺変笅鏉ヤ负姝€傦紙鎵€浠ユ湁鏉′欢鐨勮瘽锛屾渶濂戒拱涓墦铔嬪櫒锛屽氨鍙互鑺傜渷寰堝鏃堕棿璺熶綋鍔涘摝銆傦級8銆佺劧鍚庡湪鍒氭墠鐨勮泲榛勪腑鍔犲叆涓ゅ嫼绯栥€?銆 佷 笁 鍕 鍙 瓙 闱 Meng 銆?0銆佸叚鍕哄瓙鐨勭墰濂躲€?1銆佺劧鍚庤交杞绘悈鎷屽嚑涓嬨€?2銆佹妸鍒氭墠鎵撳ソ鐨勮泲娓呭€掑叆涓€鍗婂乏鍙筹紝杞昏交鎼呮媽銆傦紙鏄悈鎷屼笉鏄墦鍦堛€傦級13銆佹悈鎷屽潎鍖€鍚庯紝鍐嶅€掑叆鍙﹀涓€鍗婅泲娓呮悈鍖€銆?4 Numbers of numbers: Numbers of numbers: Number of points: Number of points: Number of points: Number of points: Number of points: Number of points: Number of points: Number of points: Number of points: Number of points: Number of points嚭鏉ワ纴链掑叆灏戣娌广€傦紙涓轰簡棰勯槻铔嬬硶绮橀攨锛?15銆佹妸鎼呭寑濂界殑铔嬬硶娑插€掑叆閿呭唴锛岃交杞婚渿鍑犱笅锛屾妸姘旀场闇囧嚭鏉ャ€傦紙棰勯槻寰呬細铔嬬硶琛ㄩ潰涓婁細鏈夊嚬鍑镐笉骞崇殑鍧戙€傦級16銆佺劧鍚庢寜涓嬬數楗攨鐨勭叜楗敭锛屽嚑鍒嗛挓鍚庝細鑷姩璺冲埌淇濇俯妗o紝鐒跺悗鐢ㄦ瘺宸炬崅浣忛€氶澶勶紝闂?0鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛岀劧鍚庢帴鐫€鍐嶆寜涓嬬叜楗敭锛岀叜鍒拌嚜鍔ㄨ烦鍒颁繚娓╂。鍐嶉椃涓€浼氬嵆鍙€?7 銆 乺 鹅 鐪 嫔 仛 鍑 鍵 宵 殲 曲 雟 妸 銆?8銆佹妸鐢甸キ閿呭弽鎵f妸铔嬬硶鍊掑嚭鏉ワ紝鑷鍒囧潡銆傚簳閮ㄦ湁浜涚儳鐒︼紝浣嗕笉褰卞搷鍙f劅鍝︺€?

[How long can the beef be refrigerated?]_ How to refrigerate_How to refrigerate

鐗涜倝鏄ぇ瀹剁粡甯稿悆鐨勪竴绉嶈倝绫汇€傜墰鑲夊綋涓惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑铔嬬櫧璐紝鍚湁姣旇緝浣庨噺鐨勮剛鑲紝鏈夌泭浜庝汉浣撶殑鍋ュ悍銆傜壒鍒槸鏂伴矞鐨勭墰鑲変拱鍥炴潵涔嬪悗锛岀墰鑲夌殑鍋氭硶涔熸湁寰堝绉嶃€備汉浠彲浠ユ牴鎹嚜宸卞枩娆㈢殑鍙e懗杩涜鍒朵綔锛岃€屼笖鐗涜倝鍙互鍐疯棌銆傚枩娆㈠悆鐗涜倝鐨勬湅鍙嬪彲浠ュ鍌ㄥ瓨涓€浜涚墰鑲夈€傜墰鑲夊喎钘忔椂闂村彲浠ュ涔呭憿锛?I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m sorry, I’m afraid, I’m afraidIt ‘s not easy to find out what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on? 鐢 ㄩ 噺 陒 嗊 鎴 愬 璬 鍧 楋 瑴 瑁 瑭 礭 椆 敆 , 璛 揆 The version of the warm 獧 啧 廠 华半兆I am afraid to be weak, but I am afraid to be weak, and I am afraid that the arch will be awkward, and I will read it in the altar, and it will be awkward.瘡娆¢鐢ㄧ殑鏃跺€欐嬁鍑轰竴閮ㄥ垎鏉ョ倴鐔熷ソ锛岃繕鏄厛閮界倴鐔熶簡鍐嶅喎鍐昏捣鏉ワ紝姣忔浣跨敤鐨勬椂鍊欐嬁鍑轰竴鏈垎鍐嶇儹濂?銆佸鏋滆喘涔颁腑鏈夎В鍐荤幇璞★紝鏈€濂芥槸灏嗗叾鐔熷埗鍚庡喕钘忥紝杩欐牱鍙互纭繚3-6涓湀Chen ﹀ 彸 嶅 嶅 倉 璐?╁ Harmful?8搴︿互涓嬪摕)锛屽鏋滄槸灏忚穿澶勮喘寰椾篃鏈€濂借繖涔堝鐞嗭紝鍥犱负浠栦滑鐨勮串瀛樺拰杩愯緭閮芥棤娉曚繚璇併€備絾鏃堕棿杩囬暱锛屽彲鑳藉鑷撮鑹插紓鍙樸€?You can learn how to do it if you do n’t know how to do it. If you want to know how to do it, you can do it at your own pace.What are you talking about? How about 6-12 tricks?浠庣敓浜ф棩绠楄捣)鐗涜倝淇濆瓨鏂规硶鍐峰喕鐗涜倝鍓嶉鍏堣妫€鏌ュ啺绠辨槸鍚﹀皢浣跨敤璁剧疆鍦ㄦ纭殑娓╁害銆傝倝浼氳鏈€闀跨殑鍜屾渶浣崇姸鎬佺殑鍐扮鍦?Captivity?績 ︽ 渮 姘?18掳)銆傛俯搴﹀お鐑細璁╁啺鏅跺舰鎴愬緢蹇拰鐮村潖鑲夌殑鍛抽亾鍜岃川鍦般€傚鏋滄俯搴︿笂鍗囧お澶?It’s so sorrowful, it’s so bad, it’s very effective, it’s so effective, it’s so beautiful, it’s so beautiful, it’s so beautiful, it’s so beautiful.鍖呰鏄喘涔版椂濡傛灉涓嶅喕銆傞噸瑕佺殑鏄纭繚鑲夎9鐫€鍘氱殑涓滆タ瓒充互闃叉姘村垎杩涘叆鑲?It’s a lot of troubles, it’s all over the world, it’s a lot of power, it’s so strong, it’s so effective, it’s so effective, it’s so good.鐢氳嚦鍙湁鍑犲眰閾濈當銆傜洰鏍囨槸鍒涘缓涓€涓睆闅滅殑姘村垎浼氬埌杈句箣鍓嶈鎹曡幏鐨勭墰鑲夋垨鑰呭畬鍏ㄩ樆姝㈡按鍒嗐€傛椂闂存槸閲嶈鐨?褰撳喎鍐荤墰鑲夊師鏂欍€傚鏋滀袱澶╁唴浣跨敤鐨勮倝涓嶄細璐拱,閭d箞瀹冨簲璇ュ敖蹇鍐荤粨銆傝Umbrellas lingering?浠ュ強瀹冪殑璐ㄥ湴鍜屽懗閬撴椂鏈€缁堢叜鐔熴€備负浜嗘柟渚胯捣瑙?鑲夊彲浠ュ垎涓哄彲鐢ㄧ殑浠介噺銆傚彟涓€绉嶆柟娉曟槸骞崇殑鑲夊湪涓€涓瀛愰噷,鐢ㄥ櫒鐨跨殑閽濈娌熸Ы娌跨潃Inlay?鍐 峰 喕 钖?Do you have a good time?  揶 у 潡 咄 勮 倝 圝 铋 餅  钄 撴 姌 参  揰 鏰 镤 镤, 璁 ╁ 叾 夎 喎 閐 錰 数 銆?

Time New Materials (600458) Research Briefing: PI Films Smoothly Produce Goodwill Impairment Affects 2018 Profits

Time New Materials (600458) Research Briefing: PI Films Smoothly Produce Goodwill Impairment Affects 2018 Profits

Key points of investment: The chemical imine PI film was successfully mass-produced, and new materials projects such as aramid and nylon were steadily advanced.

The company’s 500-ton capacity chemical imine PI film production line has been successfully mass-produced in 2018, with leading domestic technology and market supply and demand; the company’s second-phase PI film production line is planned for 2000 tons and is expected to be put into production in batches from 2020.

At present, the company’s PI film is mainly used for graphite heat sinks for smart phones and tablet computers. After the second-stage production capacity is put into production, it is expected to expand to more high-end areas.

In addition, the company’s nylon project has achieved mass production, and the aramid material production line is being commissioned, which is expected to become the company’s new profit growth point.

Railway investment is good for the rail transit market, and wind power recovery is expected to improve profitability.

In 2018, the national railway fixed assets investment completed 802.8 billion U.S. dollars, and plans to continue to invest more than 800 billion U.S. dollars in 2019; and the company’s shock and noise reduction products accounted for more than 70% of the domestic rail transit market share, fully benefiting from downstream railway investment.

In addition, the wind power industry is picking up in 2018, and the company’s gross profit margin has improved; it is expected that with the warming of the Three North Market in 2019, the test of the wind farm price list, the accelerated development of offshore wind power, and the rush installation of stocks approved in low wind speed areas, 2019-2020年 年中国风电市场有望进一步回暖,利好公司风电业务。
Domestic plants in the automotive business are gradually put into production, which is expected to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the long run.

In 2014, the company completed the overall acquisition of the BOGE rubber and plastic business of the German ZF Group, and gradually became the third largest AVS product supplier in the world.

After the acquisition, the company transferred part of its production capacity to a country with cost advantages. At present, the Qingpu plant is full, the Zhuzhou plant is gradually put into operation, and the production capacity of the Wuxi plant is about to be completed.

In the later period, the transfer of production capacity was completed, the human burden in Europe was reduced, and the profitability of the automotive business was promoted.

The return of some euro debts locks in exchange gains and reduces earnings volatility.

The company acquired BOGE in 2014 and borrowed 2.

0.3 billion euros in debt, performance has long been affected by fluctuations in the euro exchange rate.

From 2015 to 2017, the company’s exchange gains and losses were 89.09 million yuan, 19.28 million yuan and -1, respectively.

US $ 5.3 billion (positive gains and negative losses), respectively, reached 34 net profit attributable to the mother for the period.

8%, 8.

0% and 228.


In the second quarter of 2018, the company returned 80 million euros of foreign debt and locked in exchange gains of RMB 24.98 million.

As the company’s euro debt decreases, the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on the company will decrease.

Impairment of goodwill 5.

300 million affects 2018 profit.

On March 18, 2019, the company issued an announcement that it expects to achieve a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of approximately RMB -427.42 million in 2018 (reporting and auditing), leading to the company’s gradual progress in 2018. The company ‘s wholly-owned subsidiary, Germany BOGEThe provision for goodwill impairment amounted to 67.85 million euros, which affected the company’s consolidated statement of net profit by RMB 529.87 million.

Exceeding the impact of the German BOGE goodwill impairment, the company is expected to realize a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of approximately RMB 10.25 million in 2018, an increase of 33.23 million yuan or 48% over the same period last year.

Earnings forecast and investment rating: Covered for the first time, giving a “buy” rating.

The company takes composite materials as the core, and develops downstream areas of rail transportation, automobile vibration reduction, wind power generation, and new materials.

The company’s current PI membrane technology is leading domestically, and downstream markets such as rail transit and wind power are 佛山桑拿网 gradually recovering. Although goodwill impairment affects short-term profits, we are optimistic about the company’s long-term development. It is expected that the EPS for 2018-2020 will be -0.

54, 0.

19 and 0.

49 yuan / share.

Covered for the first time and given a “Buy” rating.
Risk warning: PI film mass production is lower than expected; downstream market demand recovery is lower than expected; new project launch progress is lower than expected; product downstream development is lower than expected; goodwill impairment risk; exchange rate changes.

Xiang Piao Piao (603711) Commentary Report: New Weather of Traditional Brewing Series Promotes New Performance

Xiang Piao Piao (603711) Commentary Report: New 四川耍耍网 Weather of Traditional Brewing Series Promotes New Performance
I. Event Overview On August 19, 19, the Xiangpiao Piaopiao brand new upgrade conference was launched, new products were released, new spokespersons were signed and new positioning was proposed.2. Analysis and judgment of brewing series: new products, new spokespersons, new positioning, three-pronged approach + dealers to expand the replenishment speed of good materials series, optimistic about the traditional brewing series products to achieve steady growth.For the series of products, the company not only released new products, but also signed new brand spokespersons, and proposed a new positioning.1.New products: At the press conference, the company launched the Pearl Shuangpin series of milk tea with a total of 3 flavors, which matched 3 kinds of good ingredients (red beans, dried mango and raisins) with pearls. This series of products will be officially launched in mid-September.The innovative combination satisfies the demands of diversified consumption under the background of consumption upgrade, transforming the arrival of the peak season for brewed milk tea sales, and the new products are expected to become the company’s new performance growth point; 2. New spokesperson: At the brand new upgrade conference, the company announced the signing of a high-traffic star, Wang Junkai, to endorse traditional brewing products. As a popular idol loved by young consumers, a major consumer of beverages, Wang Junkai and Xiangpiao Piao flew together to helpIncreasing the stickiness of fragrant flavours to young consumers will drive the volume of brewing products. It is definitely that the annual endorsement fee of the new spokesperson will be apportioned to the statement-side sales expenses in 12 months, so it will not cause the script value appreciation of short-term sales expenses, and it is expected that the company’s sales expense rate will remain within a reasonable range; 3.New positioning: Through the improvement of residents ‘consumption level, consumers’ consumption concept has gradually changed from “survival” to “hedonic”, so the company has changed the promotional slogan of brewing milk tea from the original prominent functional positioning “small hungry, small sleepy drink””Scent of Fluttering” transformed into “Let people enjoy life more”, highlighting the attributes of product leisure and enjoyment, which is beneficial to further expand the wide consumption scene; In addition, in order to promote the packaging upgrade of good materials series, the company actively controlled the release rhythm in 19Q2, causing a short period of timeIn view of the fluctuations in the income of the good material series, the packaging change has now been completed. According to the survey of the dealers on the spot, we have learned that the distributors have strengthened the replenishment efforts since Q3. We expect that the good material series will have a rebound in revenue.Therefore, under the influence of new products, new spokespersons, new positioning, three-pronged approach, and dealers to increase the replenishment of good material series, the arrival of the peak season for conversion brewing products, we are optimistic about the steady growth of traditional brewing products. Juice tea: At all three ends, we are optimistic about whether there is a continuous volume of juice tea products with explosive properties that will bring performance to the company, especially in terms of flexible capacity at the income end: Before supplementation, juice tea has been in a state of supply and demand substitution.As Guangzhou and future Tianjin production bases are gradually put into production, coupled with the company’s recent plan to issue convertible bonds to expand new capacity, the potential of new juice tea products is expected to be fully stimulated.In terms of channels: The coverage rate of fruit teas currently available in the country’s terminal outlets is only 12.At the same time, the proportion of goods sold at the company’s existing outlets is only 48.9%. On the basis of the company’s ability to gradually expand terminal expansion by absorbing the power of distributors, there is ample room for improvement in juice tea coverage. At the same time, according to the feedback from distributors, the inventory of juice tea channels in most regions has maintained a benign cycle within one month.However, only a small number of Anhui stocks have high regional stocks. (The high stocks in Anhui are mainly due to shortages due to insufficient production capacity in March / April this year. The dealers are “panic” replenishment, but based on the good sales of juice tea terminals,Optimistic about channel inventory to realize natural digestion quickly); Marketing: Juice tea is the company’s key promotion product in 19 years, so under the background of income-oriented company will continue to increase the launch of juice tea products in the air this year, ground promotion costs.Since July 2019, the company has been intensively cooperating with Tencent Games to launch the ultra-high-traffic IP King Glory “Infinite Sky Group” co-branded products. With the blessing of King Glory IP, we are optimistic about the continued volume of juice tea.In summary, the company has made concerted efforts in terms of juice tea production capacity, channels and marketing. It is optimistic that the continuous heavy volume of large single product juice teas will bring the company’s performance, especially the flexibility of its income side.It should be noted that after the throughput of the Huzhou plant is gradually increasing, and the new capacity of Jiangmen and Tianjin is gradually expanding, the increase in the average amortization of manufacturing costs and labor costs may cause the overall gross profit margin of juice tea to decrease, and as a new product,In the early stage of launch (1 to 2 years), the company needs to feed back the slender body of consumer tea for the continuous investment of juice tea products, so we should take a reasonable look at the changes in the profit side of juice tea. Third, the investment proposal estimates that the company’s operating income in 19-21 will be 43.6.6 billion / 54.5.7 billion / 66.42 trillion, ten years +34.3% / 25.0% / 21.7%; net profit attributable to listed companies is 3.99 ppm / 5.3.7 billion / 6.970,000 yuan, ten years +26.7% / 34.8% / 29.7%, equivalent to 0 EPS.95 yuan / 1.28 yuan / 1.66 yuan, corresponding to PE is 37X / 27X / 21X.In 19 years, the average estimated valuation of comparable companies in the industry is about 41 times, and the company’s expected estimate is slightly lower than the average expected estimate of the comparable company. Considering the company’s rapid growth in brewing business, the rapid volume of juice and tea will bring significantly higher than the industryThe average level of performance flexibility, maintaining the “recommended” level. 4. Risk reminder: The promotion of new products of the Pearl Shuangpin series is less than expected, the product reduces the risk, the amount of juice and tea is less than expected, food safety risks, etc.

Thematic report on the selection of the new third-tier board (two): Shanghang Technology (836366): a high-quality IDC service provider for the Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise

Thematic report on the selection of the new third-tier board (two): Shanghang Technology (836366): a high-quality IDC service provider for the Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise

Company profile: The rapidly growing IDC service provider in China.

Shanghang Technology was founded in 2010. Lei Jun is one of the founders.

Since its establishment, the company has been favored by the capital market, and has won angel rounds, rounds A and B rounds of financing.

The company’s main business is IDC business and its value-added services, and is committed to business 杭州夜网论坛 collaboration and diversification. It is involved in cloud computing and VPN fields, and is committed to the construction of industrial ecological chain in the field of Internet data.

Absolutely, the company’s operating income and net profit have grown steadily, and its cash flow has been stable.

Demand and supply, the opening of the cloud computing market to the development of the IDC industry together.

With the vigorous development of mobile Internet and other industries, data traffic has shown explosive growth. As a place where data is concentrated and interacted, the data center has a high degree of certainty in the industry in the foreseeable 3-5 years.Regulations and restrictions are becoming increasingly severe, resulting in an imbalance in supply and demand in the market. The lack of capacity and value of IDC projects will increase. The general trend of opening the Chinese cloud computing market to foreign cloud vendors is gradually clear, and it will be beneficial to the entire IDC industry in the upstream.Keep growing.
Outstanding financing capabilities, high-quality customer resources, and excellent business coverage are the company’s core competitiveness.

(1) Lei Jun, as the company’s co-founder and second largest shareholder, has a shareholding ratio of 19.

47%, established a brand effect for the company’s capital market financing, and other IDC service providers have an advantage in financing channels.

(2) After years of customer expansion, the company has accumulated high-quality customers with high loyalty and strong spending power, such as YY, Sogou, and UC, and its high-quality services have also been widely recognized by the market.

(3) The company has established data centers in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, 天津夜网 and second-tier cities such as Xi’an and Chengdu, and has eight core data cores across the country, with business coverage throughout the country.

Risk reminders: technical risks, market competition risks, related party dependency risks, and capital risks.

Have you heard of color health?


Have you heard of “color” health?

After the yellow spleen yellow food is absorbed, its nutrients are mainly concentrated in the spleen and stomach area.

Such as pumpkin, corn, etc., regular food can have a restructuring benefit to the spleen and stomach.

The content of vitamin A and D in yellow food is relatively abundant.

Vitamin A can protect the body, respiratory mucosa, reduce the occurrence of gastritis and other diseases; vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and strengthen the bones.

Red nourishing red foods include carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.

According to the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, red is a fire, so red food can enter the human body and enter the bloodstream. It has the effect of supplementing blood and promoting blood and lymph fluid.

Moreover, red foods have strong antioxidant properties, which cause lycopene, tannins, etc., which can protect cells, have anti-inflammatory effects, and provide protein, inorganic salts, vitamins and trace elements to strengthen the heart and gas.Blood function.

Green liver and green into the liver, eat more green foods have the function of relieving liver and strong liver, green food is the body’s “detoxification agent”, can inhibit the spleen and stomach, digestion and absorption.

At the same time, green food contains cellulose that can clear the stomach and prevent constipation, and its alternative lutein can maintain retinal health.

White Yangfei white is gold in the five elements, into the lungs, which is good for Qi.

Most white foods, such as milk, rice and chicken fish, are rich in protein. Regular consumption can eliminate the fatigue of the body and promote the recovery of the disease.

In addition, white food is a relatively safe nutritional food.

Because of its low content compared to red food meat, high blood pressure, high blood pressure and other patients, it is better to eat white food.

Black kidney-retaining black food refers to a variety of natural flora and fauna that is black or purple in color and dark brown.

In the five elements, the black main water enters the kidney. Therefore, eating black food can supplement the kidney.

Black sesame seeds, black fungus, seaweed, etc. have high nutritional health and medicinal value. They can significantly reduce the incidence of arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke and other diseases, such as influenza, chronic hepatitis, kidney disease, anemia, hair loss, etc.Has a good effect.