1 kind of fruit, known as the blood vessel scavenger, eat a little every day, the blood vessels are all the way


1 kind of fruit, known as the blood vessel “scavenger”, eat a little every day, the blood vessels are all the way

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One kind of fruit, known as the blood vessel “scavenger”, eats a little every day, the blood vessels are smooth all the way, and there is no awareness of clearing the blood vessels. Why should we clean up?

In fact, it is not difficult to understand that the blood vessel is like a water pipe. When it is used for a long time, it will appear dirt, and the elasticity will be worse. If it is serious, it may need to be replaced to be used normally.

The blood vessels start working when they are born. If they are not cleaned up and maintained in time, how can they ensure the normal operation of the blood vessels.

In particular, the damage of blood vessels is mostly irreversible. Many patients with vascular diseases have sequelae such as sputum and amputation because of severe vascular injury and local organ necrosis.

A large part of the cause of vascular stenosis is improper diet, the incidence of long-term cerebral infarction keeps rising, and with the improvement of living conditions, many people have no relationship with diet.

Which foods can cause blood vessels to block?

The vascular tension is due to excess cholesterol, the triglyceride concentration is too high, the blood is thick, plaques appear, resulting in slower blood vessel flow and blood vessel embolism.

So these foods cause cholesterol and triglycerides to rise?

High-fat foods, such as fat meat, high-intensity foods in animals, such as fried chicken, potato chips and other high-sugar foods, excess sugar will be converted into triglyceride high-starch foods, and excess starch will be converted to triglycerides.Plasma food, a small amount of various kinds of eggs, these foods are no problem, but often eaten, especially high-fat foods, long-term consumption of triglycerides will skyrocket, high blood lipids, blood thick, vascular blood vessels, highBlood pressure and so on.

There are basically no signs of vascular phospholipids, so one must pay attention to an indicator – triglyceride during physical examination.

The normal value of triglycerides is 1.

7mmol / l, if you exceed this standard, be careful – blood vessels are not far from you!

Does the triglyceride exceed the standard?

The first is to eat less of the food mentioned above, especially animal oil, fat meat, animal offal, egg yolk, etc., but should choose to eat more vegetables, fruits, but also appropriate and exercise, in order to control the triglycerideDon’t let it continue to skyrocket.

In vegetables, this kind of is a better way to lower triglycerides, known as “vascular scavengers.”

One kind of fruit is known as the blood vessel “scavenger”, often eats blood lipids, blood vessels also rely on eating vegetables to reduce blood lipids, dredge blood vessels is not very effective.

The food with obvious effect of lowering blood fat, it is recommended that this 1 dried fruit soaked in water, the time of drinking water can lower blood fat, it is – the fruit of fruit in March.

Life fruit in March is rich in salicylic acid, phenolic acid – natural aspirin, long-term consumption, can effectively protect the heart, prevent high blood pressure, vascular wall atherosclerosis, cerebrovascular embrittlement and other heartCerebrovascular disease.

According to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine,[Life Fruit March Bubbles], in addition to direct salicylic acid, phenolic acid and other substances, is also rich in potassium, implanted with acid and natural SOD,It can effectively remove vascular waste.

In particular, SOD, in 1998, three famous scientists in the United States, Robert, Ferry and Loignano announced to the world that the reduction of SOD content and activity is the root cause of human illness and death. Supplementing SOD can achieve various prevention and treatment.disease.
Finally, close to diet is not a panacea. To be healthy, to exercise regularly, to maintain a good mood and to treat the disease correctly is also an important part.

Don’t ignore the fatal bacteria of electric frost

Don’t ignore the “fatal bacteria” of electric frost

Listeria bacteria do not like heat, if people are infected, there will be a 30% mortality rate.
銆€銆€According to food hygiene experts at Wuxi CDC, although refrigerators have antiseptic and fresh-keeping effects on food, refrigerators are not a 鈥渟afety box鈥?for food safety. If food is improperly stored, it will often cause food poisoning.
銆€銆€Recently, Wuxi City Food Contaminant Monitoring Point has discovered a new pathogenic microorganism: Listeria in food.
The characteristics of this bacterium are like cold and heat, and can be multiplied in a low temperature environment.
People are accustomed to using the refrigerator as a food safe. They can put the endless food into the refrigerator and eat it without heat. This is an important way of transmission of Listeria.
According to reports, people infected with the bacteria often manifested as meningitis, sepsis, pregnant women can cause miscarriage, premature delivery, stillbirth and neonatal sepsis.
銆€銆€Health experts warn that every family should pay special attention to food hygiene during the summer. Refrigerators should be cleaned regularly. The stored food should be cooked and cooked separately. The cooked food should be heated and disinfected before consumption. The temperature must reach 70 掳C and above for more than 2 minutes.
銆€銆€A study conducted in the United States found that the skin of the human body is the “ideal home” of bacteria, and the number of bacteria living on the skin is surprising.
Studies have shown that the number of bacteria that settle on the skin is 100 times estimated.
Scientists say that from the type of bacterial habitat ecosystem, parts of the body, such as wet armpits, resemble tropical rain forests, and other parts of the skin resemble dry deserts.
銆€銆€The study also found that different people’s skin at the same site often harbors similar bacteria, and changes in bacterial habitat may explain why some skin diseases tend to affect certain parts of the human body.
During the research, scientists used a new method to study the 鈥渂acterial community鈥?on the human body.
Instead of using the old technique of using skin swabs and trying to culture bacteria in the laboratory, they performed genetic analysis of the DNA found on the skin.
銆€銆€Julia of the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, USA?
Segley said: “The first and most surprising finding I have made is that the bacteria that colonize the skin are highly diverse.
绗簩涓渶浠や汉鍚冩儕鐨勫彂鐜版槸锛屾湁浜涢儴浣嶇殑鐨偆灏卞儚鏄竴涓嫢鏈夋渤娴?娼箍鍖哄煙)鐨勬矙婕狅紝渚嬪鑵嬬獫锛岃€屾湁浜涢儴浣嶇殑鐨偆鍒欐槸鈥樺绔嬬殑鐢熷懡缁挎床鈥欙紝瀛樺湪鎷ユ湁涓板瘜澶氭牱鎬he reservoir, such as the navel.
“Segley’s research findings are published in the journal Science.
銆€銆€The researchers used swabs to extract samples from 20 healthy participants, and then screened the samples for DNA, identifying one of the 19 different bacteria, one of the largest classifications of organisms.
Most skin bacteria do not harm the human body and keep your skin healthy by preventing more harmful microbes.
Segley said: “We need to give up the idea that ‘all bacteria are harmful.’
Personal hygiene is important, but being too hygienic doesn’t mean keeping your body healthier.
Although the most abundant parts of the human body are often moist and hairy, the researchers found that the most diverse parts of the bacteria were dry and smooth forearms, and an average of 44 bacteria were found.
The lowest diversity 鈥渂acterial community鈥?is behind the ear.
Scientists say: “The hairy and wet underarms are close to the smooth and dry forearm, but from an ecological point of view, the difference between the two parts is like the difference between the rainforest and the desert.

Office workers four strokes easy health care


Office workers four strokes easy health care

[One style]straight in the song (sitting work) 1.

Sit down, do not back, hands naturally relax on the legs, mix thoroughly.


Slowly inhale with your nose, make a fist, and insert your fists into the body.


Elbows, chest, waist straight, head tilted back.


Then exhale with your nose, put your neck and hands down, and slowly open your hands.


With the palms down, the head is back, the original posture is restored, and the whole body is relaxed.

銆€銆€Reminder: 7 times per practice, 3-4 times a day.

Keep steady during practice, correct, easy, move and ease, you can breathe in the middle, you can’t be angry.

銆€銆€[Two styles]and the capital of the capital (sitting work) 1.

Sit up straight, put your arms around your head and keep your breath breathing.


Inhale with your nose, raise your head and arms, and straighten your chest.


Exhale, the head is low, the body shape slowly bends downwards, and the relaxation makes the back spine smooth.

銆€銆€Reminder: Generally, you can do it 6 times back and forth, depending on your physical condition.

It should be slow, careful, and not urgent.

銆€銆€[Three styles]Ping Yi (鐢╂墜鍔?1.

Relaxed and breathed naturally; feet are parallel and wide.


Raise your arms to your shoulders and let them fall naturally.


When the fourth step is continued, the arm and the knee are simultaneously flexed.

銆€銆€Reminder: If you are tired of practicing any exercises, you can insert the flat movements at the right time until you are tired and then reply to the original action.

This action can remove toxicity in the body.

銆€銆€[Four styles]Shoot 1

The front side naturally sways up and down, actually flat.


Turn around with your waist, relax your back, and swing your arms like a wave drum, and pat the trouser pocket (ie 鑳?.

銆€銆€Reminder: This type of exercise can help the abdominal organs, after drinking, you can drink some warm water.

Do not force to beat, so as not to hurt the body.