2014 World Cup 3rd and 3rd place vs Brazil vs Netherlands score prediction historical record analysis who will win

2014 World Cup 3rd and 3rd place vs Brazil vs Netherlands score prediction historical record analysis who will win
Brazil vs Netherlands score prediction analysis: 2-3 or 1-2 2014 World Cup Brazil vs Netherlands who will win?Update on July 13, 2014 Brazil VS Netherlands results: Brazil 0-3 Netherlands (Netherlands win) The Netherlands is about to go to Brasilia, Brazil on July 13th at 4 a.m. in the finals with the host Brazil.2014 World Cup Brazil vs Netherlands score prediction historical record analysis who will win the 2014 World Cup football top 4 match situation 3rd place match Brazil VS Netherlands who will win the 2014 World Cup Brazil vs. Netherlands team gap comparison 2014 World Cup Brazil National Team’s latest rankingThe 23-man roster for the 2014 World Cup, the Dutch national team’s first-level 23-man list and jersey numbers (picture) Brazil VS Netherlands two teams start prediction Brazil (4231): 12-Cesar / 23-Mccon, 4-Louis, 13-Dan特,6-马塞洛/17-古斯塔沃、5-费尔南迪尼奥(46’8-保利尼奥)/7-浩克(46’16-拉米雷斯)、11-奥斯卡、20-伯纳德/9-弗雷德(71’19-威廉)荷兰(343):1-西莱森/5-布林德、3-德弗里、2-弗拉尔、4-因迪(46’7-扬马特)、15-库伊特/6-德容(62’14-克拉西)、10-斯内德,20-维纳尔杜姆/9-范佩西(96’19-亨特拉尔),11-罗本巴西VS荷兰历史交锋战绩:两队在国际比赛中共交手11次,巴西3胜5平3负,进15球失15球.  Among them, 4 matches in the World Cup, Brazil 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses.In the last World Cup match, the Netherlands beat Brazil 2-1 in the 2010 South Africa World Cup quarter-finals. Robinho opened the first record in the 10th minute, but Sneijder (microblogging) scored twice in the second half to reverse the score.Round of 16 Brazil: 1/8 final Brazil penalties 4-3 Chile Neymar wins Cesar two pounces Netherlands: 2014 World Cup 1/8 final Netherlands 2-1 Mexico advances to the quarterfinals Sneijder breaks the characteristics of killing the quarterfinalsRecord Brazil: 2014 World Cup quarter-final Brazil 2-1 eliminated Colombia to advance to the top 4 Netherlands: Netherlands 4-3 point kill Costa Rica won the semi-finals will face Argentina semi-final record Brazil: 2014 World Cup semi-final Brazil 1-7 defeat Germany 18 minutesLost 5 goals in a row in the Netherlands: The 2014 World Cup semi-final Argentina scored 4-2 to knock out the Dutch Romero Super God Brazil previous World Cup results Brazil is the only team to participate in all 19 World Cup teams, they will beHost the 20th World Cup.Brazil is a well-deserved modern football overlord, winning the World Cup five times (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002).Last time Brazil failed to win the World Cup in the local competition. In the 1950 World Cup, in the last matchup with Uruguay (because the system did not have a final, but that game happened to be the two teams’ final match to determine the winner’s attribution, so wasThe posterity is regarded as the final), the Brazil team lost to Uruguay 1-2.  Brazil’s most recent championship was in 2002. The “3R” striker team composed of Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho was invincible, while Roberto Carlos and Cafu flew together.In 2006, the “Fantasy Quintet” composed of Kaka, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Robinho and Adriano failed, and the team stopped in the quarterfinals; in 2010, the Brazilian team coached by DungaIt was originally a favorite to win the championship, but it was reversed by the Dutch team in the quarter-finals with an advanced goal.Dutch World Cup results The Dutch team has participated in 8 World Cup finals in history. In 1974 and 1978, the Netherlands lost to the runner-up in two consecutive cups, but the orange team in that era also played for them.Won the title of uncrowned king.  In the 2002 qualifiers, the Dutch team overturned the gutter. They lost to the Irish team in a key battle and eventually missed the World Cup in Korea and Japan.In 2006, former shooter Van Basten became the head coach of the national team. He defeated the Dutch team and made it to the group. However, in the 1/8 final, they lost to the Portuguese team 0 to 1 and missed the top 8.  In the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the Dutch team broke into the knockout with 3 wins, and eliminated 2-1 in the 1/8 final to reach the quarterfinals.Later, in the quarter-finals, he played better than Sneijder’s excellent performance, and turned the unfavorable start to a 2-1 elimination of the World Cup championship hotspot-five-star Brazil, reaching the semi-finals.In the semi-finals, the Netherlands faced South America’s powerhouse Uruguay at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town. The captain Van Bronckhorst, Sneijder and Robben scored a 3-2 victory and reached the World Cup final again after 32 years.。The South Africa World Cup final was played at the football city stadium in Johannesburg.Spain experienced an overtime hard battle to defeat the Netherlands 1-0 and won the World Cup for the first time in history.The Netherlands regretfully missed the Hercules Cup for the third time.Recommended reading: 2014 World Cup final Germany vs Argentina score prediction historical record analysis who will win

In the diving competition during the epidemic, Zhou Jihong came to the reporter to do a cloud interview

In the diving competition during the epidemic, Zhou Jihong came to the reporter to do a “cloud interview”
Zhou Jihong was a guest reporter.Picture / Sports This afternoon, the three-day “Chinese Diving Champion Reaching Competition” started at the Diving Hall of the Training Bureau of the State Sports General Administration.In this extraordinary period, the Chinese diving team hopes to mobilize the training enthusiasm and pertinence of athletes through this event.Following the schedule of the competition, the diving team had already sent its players to participate in the FINA Diving Award competition. The World Cup series was also unveiled in Montreal, Canada at the end of the month.However, due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese diving team can only reverse the three phases from the 27th to the 29th to test the athletes ‘winter training effects through the” championship competition. “Team leader Zhou Jihong said: “Our schedule has been adjusted. At this time routine, such a team game was held.Because of long-term training without a set goal, athletes are also prone to fatigue.”While previously absent from the World Series, the Chinese diving team trained as planned.Under unusual circumstances, this event of the Chinese diving team was closed in the diving hall, and the game was broadcast on live broadcast platforms of various events.Since the media was unable to interview on the spot, Zhou Jihong had to answer related questions by phone and WeChat, and “guest” reporters to help reporters complete “cloud interviews” on the topic of these opinions.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Wang Chunqiu proofreading Li Ming

[Lamb chop clear soup hot pot authentic method]_ clear soup making _ how to make

[Lamb chop clear soup hot pot authentic method]_ clear soup making _ how to make

Many people often eat a diet that regulates the body and promotes body repair. The most common one is mutton. In fact, there is nothing special about mutton. The reason why mutton is delicious is because of mutton soup and hot pot.It is very authentic, and the taste is relatively light. Even pregnant women during pregnancy can eat a little bit without worrying about spicy food.

Ingredients: 1000 grams of lamb chops, 200 grams of white radish, 200 grams of carrots.

Cabbage, bean paste, soybean sprouts, enoki mushroom.

Zanthoxylum, onion ginger, chili, salt, steamed fish stew oil, sesame, sesame oil.

[Hao Chi 123.

com]Features: Nourishing and comprehensive nourishing hot pot-clear soup lamb chop hot pot.

[Hao Chi 123.

com]Operation: 1. Wash and cut the cabbage into pieces.

2. Wash the Flammulina velutipes to remove the roots.

3. Peel the carrot and cut into pieces.

4. Wash and cut the white radish into pieces.

5. Douban everything open.

6. Wash and drain the soybean sprouts.

7, soak lamb chops in water for more than 3 hours in advance, change water on the way.

8. Cut the shallot into sections and slice the ginger.

9. Prepare pepper and chilli.

10. Take a bowl and add steamed fish stew with sesame oil and sesame oil to mix with small ingredients.


11, the sheep soaked in bleeding water into the soup pot, poured cold water.

12, the fire is boiling, use a spoon to skim off the blood.

13. After the blood foam is finished, the fire will boil until the soup turns white.

14. Add onion ginger.

15, put the pepper and pepper.

Turn to low heat for 1 hour.

16. Pour white radishes and carrots.

17. Add salt and simmer for 30 minutes to make the white radish boil transparent.

18. Pour the cooked lamb chops with the broth into the hot pot, add your favorite ingredients, and dip in the small ingredients to enjoy the food.

Tips: 1. The boiled lamb chops must be skimmed. This is the most critical step of clear soup.

2. The clear soup lamb chop hot pot is simple and delicious.

Especially in winter, the elderly in the family can eat a clear soup lamb chop hot pot without getting angry, and the nutrition is easy to digest.

3. When making the bottom of the lamb chop, I added white radish and carrot. White radish is also known as little ginseng, which is the first choice for supplementing qi.

Lamb chop hot pot can not only satisfy the appetite, but also has a good therapeutic effect on people who are weak in waist and knees, sleepy and fatigued, kidney impotence, and spleen and stomach deficiency.

Lamb chops are also resistant to the cold.

Therefore, the clear soup lamb chop hot pot is a nutritious and delicious nourishing hot pot.

[Obviously what is the most folic acid fruit]_ fresh fruit _ how to eat

[Obviously what is the most folic acid fruit]_ fresh fruit _ how to eat

Folic acid belongs to the vitamin b group, which is common in fruits and vegetables. As for correcting mothers, a large amount of folic acid should be supplemented in the first three months of pregnancy, and a large amount of folic acid should be taken in the third trimester of pregnancy to ensure that the baby in the stomach is developing.Due to the effect of folic acid, malformations and mutations are not easy to occur during the molecular weight development period, and there are many fruits that cause folic acid. Folic acid can effectively reduce the risk of physical defects in newborns. Not only can you replace folic acid, you can also eat other things to supplement.

What fruits contain the most natural folic acid? Fresh fruits contain the most natural folic acid: oranges, strawberries, cherries, bananas, lemons, peaches, plums, apricots, bayberry, begonias, jujube, hawthorn, pomegranate, grapes, kiwi, strawberries, pears, walnuts, etc.
Folic acid food.

Folic acid is high in green fresh vegetables, fruits, yeast (fermented foods), mushrooms and animal livers and kidneys.

It should be noted that too long heating time of food can increase the destruction of leaf acid (heating at 100 ° C for more than 15 minutes will destroy more than 50% of folic acid).

Vitamin B9 Vitamin B9 is folic acid.

In avocado, citrus and other fruits, the content of folic acid is relatively rich, and the content of folic acid is most abundant in strawberries.

Folic acid is required for adult day.


4 mg.

Studies have found that a deficiency of folic acid can cause anemia, and if women of childbearing age and pregnant women within 3 months of pregnancy lack folate, they can cause fetal congenital neural tube defects.

And these residents only get an average of 50 folic acid each day from expectations?
200 micrograms, so pregnant women can eat more fruits that notice folic acid.

Since folic acid is a carbonic acid compound, it does not stay in the body for long.

Therefore, we need to constantly supplement from food.

Folic acid is found in both milk and dairy products.

Grains with natural folic acid include lentils, chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans and lima beans.

Vegetables and fruits with high natural folic acid content are spinach, asparagus, mustard, indigo, citrus, strawberry, broccoli, tomato, peanut, lettuce, lettuce, banana and grapefruit.

Folic acid intake standards: Foods containing vitamin C, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, contain folic acid. Folic acid is not usually supplemented.

The main function of folic acid is to produce blood, which may have a role in the nervous and intellectual development of hypertension, but it is not important.

If your diet is comprehensive, animal and plant proteins and various vitamins and inorganic salts (such as calcium, iron, zinc, etc.) are not necessary to supplement folic acid.

Folic acid was quantified entirely using a microbial method[Lactobacillus casei, Streptococcus faecalis R].

The requirement calculated from animal experiments is 0 per day.


2 mg.

In terms of medical use, it reaches 10 to 20 mg and is still non-toxic.

Daily intake: Adults recommend 400 micrograms of DFE and 600 micrograms of DFE during pregnancy.

The highest tolerable absorption (UL) is 1000 micrograms of DFE per day.

It is generally believed that for pregnant women without folic acid deficiency, daily intake should not be excessive.

If necessary, take a folic acid preparation for pregnant women, instead of the large amount of folic acid (5 mg of folic acid per tablet) commonly used to treat anemia.

[Efficacy and role of the tip of gourd]_Function_Effect

涓濈摐绠楀緱涓婃槸浜轰滑鍦ㄦ殤鍋囧悆鐨勬瘮杈冨鐨勪竴绉嶅甯歌彍浜嗐€傛湁浜哄浜庝笣鐡滅殑浜嗚В浠呬粎鏄粠鐖舵瘝閭d竴杈堜汉寰楁潵鐨勬湁鍏充簬涓濈摐鍚冨浜嗕細鎺夊ご鍙戙€傚叾瀹烇紝涓濈摐鏄竴绉嶆竻鐑В姣掔殑鍑夋€ч鐗┿€備笣鐡滃皷鏄笣鐡滆棨涓婄殑涓€涓灏栥€備笣鐡滃皷鏈夐潪甯稿ソ鐨勬姉杩囨晱鐨勫姛鏁堬紝骞朵笖鍏惰惀鍏讳环鍊艰繕鍗佸垎楂樸€?.I am so proud of my life, I am proud of my virtues, and I am proud of the chanting of the song. I am going to sing and sorrow. I am going to do it. I am going to do it.埥鍙o紝鏈夊緢濂界殑娑堟殤浣滅敤锛岃€屼笖涓濈摐灏栨湁闈炲父鐙壒鐨勬皵鍛冲拰鍙f劅锛岃繕鏈夊緢濂界殑寮€鑳冨仴椋熺殑浣滅敤銆?.Suddenly, you will be able to see how the chain is going, and you will be able to see how it is going, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it, how to do it?What is the best way to get it? If you ca n’t find it, you ca n’t tell if it ‘s going to be awkward or not. Do you want to know what is going on?.鎶楀潖琛€鐥呬笣鐡滃皷涓淮鐢熺礌C鍚噺杈冮珮锛屾瘡鐧惧厠涓氨鍚?姣厠锛屽彲鐢ㄤ簬鎶楀潖琛€鐥呭強棰勯槻鍚勭缁寸敓绱燙缂轰箯鐥?.A lot of things are happening in the world. What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about?ぉ 頧 卄 卩 嬩 鬩 鐡 髡 握 髡 揃 揃 度 揤 淤 淤 尤 尾 傾 澶 ╀ 竴 娆 ★ 纴 杩 炲 枬 璬 僲 僲 烰 烹 烹勮剸瀛愬兊纭柤鐥涚棁鐘躲€?.缇庡鍏婚鎶樻柇涓濈摐灏栵紝浼ゅ彛浼氬垎娉屽嚭涓€浜涙眮娑诧紝鐢ㄨ繖浜涙眮娑叉暦鑴革紝鑳藉緢濂藉湴琛ュ厖鑲岃偆鐨勬按鍒嗭紝鍏锋湁淇濇寔鐨偆寮规€х殑鐗规畩鍔熻兘锛岃繕鑳界編瀹瑰幓鐨便€傝惀鍏讳环鍊间笣鐡滃皷涓惈鏈夎泲鐧借川銆佽剛鑲€佺⒊姘村寲鍚堢墿銆佺矖绾ょ淮銆侀挋銆佺7銆侀搧銆佺摐姘ㄩ吀浠ュ strong Luo Gezheshangge Li B Zushihuaiuu Xileimoquan Huaiuuxilei C Benshenyichan Tai -chen bin  Ninggexiaozao Jieren Duanmiebianmo Guilinjijin Ren Yuehuoguxia稿疁锛岃惀鍏讳赴瀵岋紝涓旈鍏疯嵂鐢ㄤ环鍊笺€?銆佷笣鐡滃皷杩樺惈鏈変汉鍙備腑鎵€鍚殑鎴愬垎–鐨傜敊绫荤墿璐紝鍏锋湁涓€瀹氱殑寮哄績浣滅敤銆?銆佺幇浠e尰瀛﹁涓猴紝涓濈摐灏栧惈鏈夋姉鐥呮瘨銆佹姉杩囨晱鐨勬椿鎬ф垚鍒嗐€傚洜鍏剁淮鐢熺礌C鍚噺涓板瘜锛屽彲鐢ㄤ簬鎶楀潖琛€鐥呭強棰勯槻鍚勭缁寸敓绱燙缂轰箯鐥囥€?銆佷笣鐡滃皷涓殑缁寸敓绱燘鍙互鏈夋晥闃叉鐨偆鑰佸寲锛岃繕鏈夊埄浜庡効绔ュぇ鑴戝彂鑲插拰涓€佸勾浜哄ぇ鑴戝仴搴枫€?銆 笣 笣 逡 逡 進 逬 咬 圬 參 參 參 鏉 掉 掉 掊 毊 毊 毊 毊 毉 毉 樗 掗 Ti 麡  铡 駤 撐 欆 謆 館 氣 氣 連 氣 餔 涣 (涔 館 撣 館岃繕鑳借捣鍒伴€氱瓔娲荤粶銆侀晣鍜崇鐥扮殑浣滅敤銆?

Gemdale Group (600383): Sales increase rapidly, land acquisition remains positive

Gemdale Group (600383): Sales increase rapidly, land acquisition remains positive
The company’s revenue and profits increased rapidly, in line with expectations.The company achieved operating income of 224 in 2019H1.83 ppm, an increase of 48 in ten years.78%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.32 ppm, an increase of 51 in ten years.65%; the settlement area of real estate projects is 136.880,000 square meters, an annual increase of 8.96%; settlement income 200.33 ppm, an increase of 54 in ten years.04%; gross profit margin of real estate business is 40.37%, an increase of 2 over the same period last year.13%.The increase in the company’s operating income was mainly due to the increase in the settlement area of real estate projects within the scope of publication and the increase in gross profit margin. The sales performance was good, and the new construction plan was actually raised.In 2019H1, the company gradually realized a contracted area of 428.100,000 square meters, an increase of 13 in ten years.97%, with a contracted amount of 855.70,000 yuan, an annual increase of 35.68%.The company accounts for about 70% of sales in first- and second-tier cities, and sales in deep-cultivated cities remain stable.Among them, the sales in East China accounted for 27%, the average value of Nanjing and Shanghai exceeded 6 billion, and the sales in Southeast China accounted for 24%.The newly started and completed areas of the company in 19H1 were 633 and 3.42 million square meters, respectively, after completing the revised plan, 51%, 39%, and -31%, + 45% respectively; of which, the planned area of newly started 19 years was increased by 50.From 8% to 12.35 million square meters, the first and second line accounted for a relatively high overlap. The new start-up was significantly increased, indicating that the company’s pushable volume in the second half of the year would overlap too much and sales would be guaranteed. Active investment and land acquisition, sufficient performance reserves.The total land investment of the company in 2019H1 is about 554 trillion, which is 64 of the sales amount.7%, the land acquisition intensity is relatively high, adding a total land reserve of about 6.75 million square meters.The company adheres to a rational layout and deeply cultivates first-tier cities and core second-tier cities. The total investment of first-tier cities accounts for 14%, the total investment of second-tier cities accounts for 63%, and the total investment of third- and fourth-tier cities accounts for 23%. As of the end of the first half of 2019, the company has entered 54 cities across the country, with a total land reserve of approximately 47.6 million square meters and an equity land reserve of approximately 25.5 million square meters, of which first- and second-tier cities account for approximately 80% of the total land reserve.The company’s 2019H1 advance receipts reached 847.300 million, which is 1 of the real estate settlement amount in 2018.84 times, rich performance reserves, and gradually entered the peak period of performance release. Focusing on cash management, the financing advantage is obvious.The company highly recognizes cash flow management and specializes in timely payment recovery. The sales recovery rate in 2019H1 exceeds 80%.At the end of the first half of the year, the company held monetary funds of RMB 395.30 trillion, the debt financing balance is 932.19 trillion, the expected average cost of debt financing is 4.87%, assets and debt income 7南宁桑拿7.86%, the actual asset and liability reorganization after excluding advance accounts 69.56%, net aldehyde oxide 78.01%, always maintain the debt scale and financing costs at a reasonable level. Maintain Overweight rating and lower earnings forecast.The company’s land acquisition intensity is relatively high, the leverage ratio is much lower than the industry level, and it is less affected by the tightening of financing policies. Low leverage leads to the company’s continued expansion of space and is optimistic about its future sales performance.Maintain the overweight rating, lower the 2019-20 profit forecast and add a 2021 profit forecast.The net profit attributable to the parent company for 2019-2021 is expected to be 97.0 ppm / 118.7/140.500 million (originally expected to have a net profit of 106 in 19-20 years.4/123.700 杭州夜网 million), corresponding to the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers: 19.8% / 22.3% / 18.4%, corresponding to EPS: 2.15 yuan / 2.63 yuan / 3.11 yuan.The current price corresponds to a PE of 5.2X, 4.3X, 3.6 times.

Gujing Gongjiu (000596) Third Quarterly Review: Product Reorganization Smoothly Continues to Open Margins

Gujing Gongjiu (000596) Third Quarterly Review: Product Reorganization Smoothly Continues to Open Margins

Investment Highlights Event: The company achieved revenue 82 in the first three quarters of 2019.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 21 in ten years.

31%, achieving net profit attributable to mother 17.

420,000 yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.

69%, net of non-net profit 16.

100,000 yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.

04%; revenue in the third quarter alone was 22.

15 ppm, an increase of 11 years.

91%, net profit attributable to mothers4.

930,000 yuan, an increase of 35 in ten years.

78%, deducting non-net profit4.

45 ppm, an increase of 28 in ten years.


  The revenue in the third quarter was in line with expectations, and the growth in profit was faster than expected.

In 19Q3, the company’s revenue growth rate was 11.

91%, the advance payment is 8.

90 trillion, down 20 a year.

11%, an increase of 72.

15%, revenue growth rate meets the standards. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival company does not have high requirements for dealers to pay for goods. The focus is on maintaining healthy sales of the channel. The pressure on channel sales has been reduced since the second half of last year.

In terms of channel visits, Gu 20 and Gu 16 continued to maintain rapid growth, and the advantages of the sub-high-end wine market in the province have increased significantly. We expect that Gu 8 and above products will maintain a growth of more than 50% in the first three quarters.About 10%, the gift edition is basically flat.

In terms of regions, this year’s Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei and other provinces have continued to perform well in foreign markets, and the effect of brand potential energy improvement has gradually become prominent.

19Q3 company net profit growth was 35.

78%, surpassing market expectations, the growth in profits is mainly due to the increase in the 重庆耍耍网 efficiency of expense management and control. Now almost all the company’s brand promotion activities are focused on the high-end product Gu 20, which also validates our upward shift in product structureJudging the preliminary downward trend of the cost rate.

  The increase in the cost side led to a decline in gross profit margin, and the expense ratio fell significantly during the period.

19Q3 company gross margin was 75.

19%, a decline of 2 per year.

09pct, mainly due to the increase in labor and raw material costs; period expenses 31.

92%, a significant decline of 9 per year.

42pct, of which sales expenses cost 25.

84%, a significant decline of 7 per year.

27cpt, mainly due to the scale effect brought by brand focus, the management expense ratio7.

01%, down by 1 every year.

03pct, financial expenses cost -0.

93%, down by 1 every year.

12pct; net margin is 22.

86%, an increase of 3 per year.

99pct, the profitability continued to improve, mainly due to the increase in cost management and control efficiency.

19Q3 The company’s net cash flow from operating activities was 12.00 ppm, a decrease of 35 per year.

80%, mainly due to the additional cash receivables in the same period last year.

  The improvement of the mechanism is on the way, and further optimization is expected to fully release the operating vitality.

In 2018, the company began to focus on sub-high-end products in depth, launched Gujing for 20 years, and its expenditures were highly inclined. It strived to grasp the industry dividend and realize the transition of the price system. At present, the brand strategy effect is gradually showing.

In the context of the rapid development of other famous wines, the government’s support for the company has significantly increased at the same time. In 2018, the market-oriented assessment of sales companies was gradually implemented. At the same time, the cost control was more stringent and efficient, and the internal operating vitality was improved.We look forward to further deepening the mechanism and the potential profit elasticity of the company is expected to be fully reflected.

In 2018, the Gujing Group’s revenue has successfully completed its goal of 10 billion US dollars. We believe that the revenue of the joint stock company in 2019 is expected to exceed the established goal of the 10 billion US dollar mark.

  The potential of the Gujing brand has continued to increase, and the proportion outside the province has gradually increased, so higher valuations should be given.

Gujing’s historical performance is relatively stable, and the core is the enhancement of channel management and control capabilities. We believe that the company is a company with a clear growth path in second-line liquor, and continues to be optimistic about the medium- and long-term good growth potential.

Compared to most real estate wines, Gujing has done a better job of expanding outside the province. In recent years, the cost has gradually tilted towards products of the next high-end price, and it strives to increase its brand power. At present, the province’s income accounts for about 40%, and the long-term growth ceiling is relatively low.Higher, the current company’s corresponding 2019 estimate is only 23 times, and continues to recommend.

  Investment suggestion: re-buy rating, and continue to recommend.

We fine-tune the profit forecast. It is estimated that the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 will be 105/126/151 million US dollars, with a long-term growth of 21% / 20% / 19%; net profit will be 23/29/36 trillion, an increase of 35%/ 27% / 25%, the corresponding EPS is 4 respectively.



24 yuan.

  Risk warning: consumption upgrade in the province, weak growth outside the province, food safety incident.

Starnet Ruijie (002396): Development performance growth and stable cost control effective

Starnet Ruijie (002396): Development performance growth and stable cost control effective

The initial performance 杭州桑拿 has grown steadily, and the cost control has achieved remarkable results.

The company’s operating income in 2018 was 91.

3.2 billion, an annual increase of 18.

51%; net profit attributable to mother 5.

810,000 yuan, an increase of 23 in ten years.

08%; net profit deducted from non-return to mother 4.

56 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.


Initially, the company’s main products grew steadily. The gross profit margin has continued to improve since Q1, and the gross profit margin has gradually been consolidated.

57%, still lower than the same period last year.

43%, resulting in a low growth rate of non-returned net profit.

In terms of expenses, the long-term sales expense ratio / administrative expense ratio (including R & D) / financial expense ratio are 13 respectively.

36% / 13.

88% /-0.

16%, a 重庆耍耍网 decline of 3 per year.

08pct / 1.

57pct / 0.

31pct, cost control helped the company reach a net profit margin of 9.

08%, basically the same as 2017; the company’s previous ROE (diluted) was 15.

80%, increase by 1 every year.


The competitiveness of network terminals and communication products is outstanding, and it is gradually expanding and growing.

The company continues to have high R & D investment. 25G / 100G data center product solutions have achieved large-scale commercial use in Internet companies such as Ali and Tencent. Wireless products have won the first batch of Wi-Fi equipment projects for EMUs in the country with the largest share.The remaining one wireless city project covers 27 provinces.

According to the IDC report, the company’s enterprise-grade WLAN ranks third in the Chinese market, enterprise-grade switches rank fourth in the Chinese market, and routers rank fifth in the Chinese enterprise network market.

In the field of smart communications, we have increased strategic cooperation with China Mobile. In the past, the revenue growth rate of network terminals and communications products was as high as 66.

55% / 78.

48%, expected company performance basis.

Cloud computing has developed smoothly, and the payment business has broken through the banking market.

In 2018, the company’s weight-loss products replaced 67.

90,000 units, accounting for 48 domestic market shares.

6%, has ranked first in the Chinese market for 17 consecutive years. Independently developed desktop cloud systems and a variety of domestic desktop cloud products have been shortlisted for the 2018 central government procurement catalog, and Shengteng’s customer resources have continued to expand.

In terms of payment business, the company’s POS investment ranks third in the world, and in UnionPay, commercial banks have made breakthroughs to achieve scale sales in the interbank market.

Profit forecast and investment advice: Net profit is expected to be 7 in 2019-2021.

26 billion, 9.

1.3 billion, 11.

1.1 billion, the current sustainable corresponding dynamic PE is 19 times, 15 times and 13 times, maintaining the “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: the competition in the enterprise market is intensifying, and the growth rate of cloud business is decreasing.

1 kind of fruit, known as the blood vessel scavenger, eat a little every day, the blood vessels are all the way


1 kind of fruit, known as the blood vessel “scavenger”, eat a little every day, the blood vessels are all the way

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One kind of fruit, known as the blood vessel “scavenger”, eats a little every day, the blood vessels are smooth all the way, and there is no awareness of clearing the blood vessels. Why should we clean up?

In fact, it is not difficult to understand that the blood vessel is like a water pipe. When it is used for a long time, it will appear dirt, and the elasticity will be worse. If it is serious, it may need to be replaced to be used normally.

The blood vessels start working when they are born. If they are not cleaned up and maintained in time, how can they ensure the normal operation of the blood vessels.

In particular, the damage of blood vessels is mostly irreversible. Many patients with vascular diseases have sequelae such as sputum and amputation because of severe vascular injury and local organ necrosis.

A large part of the cause of vascular stenosis is improper diet, the incidence of long-term cerebral infarction keeps rising, and with the improvement of living conditions, many people have no relationship with diet.

Which foods can cause blood vessels to block?

The vascular tension is due to excess cholesterol, the triglyceride concentration is too high, the blood is thick, plaques appear, resulting in slower blood vessel flow and blood vessel embolism.

So these foods cause cholesterol and triglycerides to rise?

High-fat foods, such as fat meat, high-intensity foods in animals, such as fried chicken, potato chips and other high-sugar foods, excess sugar will be converted into triglyceride high-starch foods, and excess starch will be converted to triglycerides.Plasma food, a small amount of various kinds of eggs, these foods are no problem, but often eaten, especially high-fat foods, long-term consumption of triglycerides will skyrocket, high blood lipids, blood thick, vascular blood vessels, highBlood pressure and so on.

There are basically no signs of vascular phospholipids, so one must pay attention to an indicator – triglyceride during physical examination.

The normal value of triglycerides is 1.

7mmol / l, if you exceed this standard, be careful – blood vessels are not far from you!

Does the triglyceride exceed the standard?

The first is to eat less of the food mentioned above, especially animal oil, fat meat, animal offal, egg yolk, etc., but should choose to eat more vegetables, fruits, but also appropriate and exercise, in order to control the triglycerideDon’t let it continue to skyrocket.

In vegetables, this kind of is a better way to lower triglycerides, known as “vascular scavengers.”

One kind of fruit is known as the blood vessel “scavenger”, often eats blood lipids, blood vessels also rely on eating vegetables to reduce blood lipids, dredge blood vessels is not very effective.

The food with obvious effect of lowering blood fat, it is recommended that this 1 dried fruit soaked in water, the time of drinking water can lower blood fat, it is – the fruit of fruit in March.

Life fruit in March is rich in salicylic acid, phenolic acid – natural aspirin, long-term consumption, can effectively protect the heart, prevent high blood pressure, vascular wall atherosclerosis, cerebrovascular embrittlement and other heartCerebrovascular disease.

According to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine,[Life Fruit March Bubbles], in addition to direct salicylic acid, phenolic acid and other substances, is also rich in potassium, implanted with acid and natural SOD,It can effectively remove vascular waste.

In particular, SOD, in 1998, three famous scientists in the United States, Robert, Ferry and Loignano announced to the world that the reduction of SOD content and activity is the root cause of human illness and death. Supplementing SOD can achieve various prevention and treatment.disease.
Finally, close to diet is not a panacea. To be healthy, to exercise regularly, to maintain a good mood and to treat the disease correctly is also an important part.

Don’t ignore the fatal bacteria of electric frost

Don’t ignore the “fatal bacteria” of electric frost

Listeria bacteria do not like heat, if people are infected, there will be a 30% mortality rate.
銆€銆€According to food hygiene experts at Wuxi CDC, although refrigerators have antiseptic and fresh-keeping effects on food, refrigerators are not a 鈥渟afety box鈥?for food safety. If food is improperly stored, it will often cause food poisoning.
銆€銆€Recently, Wuxi City Food Contaminant Monitoring Point has discovered a new pathogenic microorganism: Listeria in food.
The characteristics of this bacterium are like cold and heat, and can be multiplied in a low temperature environment.
People are accustomed to using the refrigerator as a food safe. They can put the endless food into the refrigerator and eat it without heat. This is an important way of transmission of Listeria.
According to reports, people infected with the bacteria often manifested as meningitis, sepsis, pregnant women can cause miscarriage, premature delivery, stillbirth and neonatal sepsis.
銆€銆€Health experts warn that every family should pay special attention to food hygiene during the summer. Refrigerators should be cleaned regularly. The stored food should be cooked and cooked separately. The cooked food should be heated and disinfected before consumption. The temperature must reach 70 掳C and above for more than 2 minutes.
銆€銆€A study conducted in the United States found that the skin of the human body is the “ideal home” of bacteria, and the number of bacteria living on the skin is surprising.
Studies have shown that the number of bacteria that settle on the skin is 100 times estimated.
Scientists say that from the type of bacterial habitat ecosystem, parts of the body, such as wet armpits, resemble tropical rain forests, and other parts of the skin resemble dry deserts.
銆€銆€The study also found that different people’s skin at the same site often harbors similar bacteria, and changes in bacterial habitat may explain why some skin diseases tend to affect certain parts of the human body.
During the research, scientists used a new method to study the 鈥渂acterial community鈥?on the human body.
Instead of using the old technique of using skin swabs and trying to culture bacteria in the laboratory, they performed genetic analysis of the DNA found on the skin.
銆€銆€Julia of the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, USA?
Segley said: “The first and most surprising finding I have made is that the bacteria that colonize the skin are highly diverse.
绗簩涓渶浠や汉鍚冩儕鐨勫彂鐜版槸锛屾湁浜涢儴浣嶇殑鐨偆灏卞儚鏄竴涓嫢鏈夋渤娴?娼箍鍖哄煙)鐨勬矙婕狅紝渚嬪鑵嬬獫锛岃€屾湁浜涢儴浣嶇殑鐨偆鍒欐槸鈥樺绔嬬殑鐢熷懡缁挎床鈥欙紝瀛樺湪鎷ユ湁涓板瘜澶氭牱鎬he reservoir, such as the navel.
“Segley’s research findings are published in the journal Science.
銆€銆€The researchers used swabs to extract samples from 20 healthy participants, and then screened the samples for DNA, identifying one of the 19 different bacteria, one of the largest classifications of organisms.
Most skin bacteria do not harm the human body and keep your skin healthy by preventing more harmful microbes.
Segley said: “We need to give up the idea that ‘all bacteria are harmful.’
Personal hygiene is important, but being too hygienic doesn’t mean keeping your body healthier.
Although the most abundant parts of the human body are often moist and hairy, the researchers found that the most diverse parts of the bacteria were dry and smooth forearms, and an average of 44 bacteria were found.
The lowest diversity 鈥渂acterial community鈥?is behind the ear.
Scientists say: “The hairy and wet underarms are close to the smooth and dry forearm, but from an ecological point of view, the difference between the two parts is like the difference between the rainforest and the desert.