Ten minutes of refreshing sex skills


Ten minutes of refreshing sex skills

10 minutes refreshing – Applicable to: Before going to work, there is a very passionate way called “Jiujiu One”, which is derived from Taoism.

They believe that the number 9 has a mysterious power.

銆€銆€In sexual intercourse, he should first insert 7 times shallowly – only let the tip of the penis enter yours – then 2 times deep insertion; the next time replace 6 shallow insertions and 3 deep insertions; continue to change shallow insertion and deepInsert the number until it reaches 9 depths.

銆€銆€20 minutes fascination – for: re-raising sex is a good way to communicate with the heart, not only can cultivate your sexual feelings, but also make you two people emotionally closer, the two are lying in bed – comfortable pajamas,Either don’t wear it.

Four hands are handed over, four eyes are opposite, and they begin to breathe together.

When you breathe, he exhales, and when you exhale, he breathes.

Don’t be individual, focus on what he means to you and why both of you are together.

At first you may feel stupid and even laugh, but it doesn’t matter, usually after this stage you will have the feeling that “I want to make love, I want you to enter my body.

“Once you have this idea, “I care about you,” your sex will become more exciting.

Sauna day, drink more water to prevent heatstroke?

“Sauna day”, drink more water to prevent heatstroke?

He Lifu, chief forecaster of the Central Meteorological Observatory, said in an interview with the high temperature weather in the north yesterday that the north heat and high temperature are different from the hot and hot weather in the south. The intensity of ultraviolet rays will be very strong, and excessive ultraviolet rays may cause skin diseases or skin cancer.Special reminders to the majority of netizens, to strengthen the sunscreen work.
銆€銆€He Lifu suggested that people should choose the right time to go out, and should try to reduce the outdoor activities or homework in the afternoon high temperature period.
銆€銆€Outdoor workers need to wear loose, breathable and light-colored clothes, take necessary heatstroke prevention measures, carry necessary sunshade tools, avoid direct sunlight, and shorten working hours to ensure adequate sleep.Take a break.
銆€銆€In addition, when the temperature is too high, when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, the external temperature is close to the human body temperature, and even exceeds the normal temperature of the human body, which may cause the body temperature regulation disorder.
It mainly affects the convection and radiation heat dissipation of the human body, so that the body heat accumulates, the body temperature rises, and heat stroke is prone to occur.
For the elderly and friends with weak constitution, especially in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, digestive system and liver, kidney and other diseases, we should try to reduce the residence time in high temperature environment, pay attention to heatstroke and cool down, drink boiled water and replenish body water.
銆€銆€He Lifu said that when the temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius or above, it is recommended that sports-loving friends stop exercising and maintain adequate drinking water. At the same time, they should carry some routine heatstroke prevention drugs such as Rendan, Fengyoujing, Qingliang Oil, Huoxiang Zhengqi Water.
銆€銆€In addition, it is recommended that you adjust the indoor air conditioning temperature to 26 degrees Celsius to avoid air conditioning disease caused by excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

Laryngeal disease medicine and food dual-use fat sea


Laryngeal disease medicine and food dual-use fat sea

The fat sea is commonly called “Dafa”. Because of its immersion, the cracked skin swells and expands, so it gets its name.

There are also Annanzi, Dadongguo, Hu Dahai, the sea, the sea and other aliases.

銆€銆€The fat sea medicine is sweet and light, the nature is slightly cold, and it is returned to the lungs and the large intestine.

Its efficacy is a variety of single, with clear lung heat, lung dryness, throat, moisturizing effect, is a common evidence for lung disease, especially throat disease.

The fat sea can be used as both medicinal and edible. Too many people often use the fat sea to serve on behalf of the tea to prevent and treat sore throat and so on.

銆€銆€Specific applications can be summarized as the following items: for sore throat sore throat due to throat heat, or lung heat, in the treatment of clear throat heat, diarrhea lung heat.

The fat sea is cold and cold, it acts on the lungs, is good at clearing the throat, and can clear the lung heat, so it is very suitable for treating sore throat.

Regardless of the use of tea alone, or with other heat-clearing and detoxifying, Chinese medicine of Liyan is very effective.

The fat sea can not only clear the throat, but also be good at opening the throat. It is used to treat hoarseness and even loss of sound. It is effective for both acute and chronic use.

銆€銆€In traditional Chinese medicine, the vocalization of the throat is mainly regulated by the lungs.

Such as emphysema, lung yin moisturizing, lung function is normal, the sound is loud, the sound quality is crisp and moist, moderately long-lasting; on the contrary, whether it is a foreign evil, lungs, lungs, or lung deficiency or lung yin deficiencyVirtual, throat dystrophy, can lead to vocal dysfunction in the throat, light hoarseness, but also loss of sound.

The fat sea is sweet and cold, and it can moisten the lungs and resuscitate the sound. No matter what the cause is hoarseness and aphasia, it can be combined with other drugs.

Such as the compatibility of licorice treatment of sore throat, compatibility with sputum treatment of lung dysfunction, compatibility with jaundice, Codonopsis treatment of lung qi deficiency, hoarseness, aphonia, compatibility with Ophiopogon japonicus, Scrophulariaceae treatment of lung yin deficiency hoarseness, loss of sound and so on.

銆€銆€For lung heat, lung dryness, cough, wind, heat, lungs or evil heat, silicosis caused by cough, sputum, sputum yellow, sticky; dry evil lungs, lung loss or lung yin deficiency can cause dry coughInnocent.

The fat sea can not only clear lung heat but also moisturize the lungs, so it can be used to treat lung heat or lung dryness and cough.

However, this role of fat sea is not significant, it should be compatible with other drugs, such as compatibility with Qingfei cough medicine jaundice, houttuynia, reed root, etc., for lung heat cough; compatibility with Tianhua powder, Tianmaidong, loquat leaves, etc.For lung dry cough.

銆€銆€It is a cold and cool product for the dryness of the stool, and it is also attributed to the large intestine. It has the function of clearing the intestines, so it can be used for constipation caused by heat accumulation in the large intestine, and the bowel movement is not smooth.

However, the fatness of the fat sea is not strong, it is only suitable for mild cases, and it must be used in combination with other diarrhea drugs.

銆€銆€After all, the drug is cold and cold, and it can damage the body’s yang, especially if it causes damage to the spleen and stomach, and abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Therefore, taking fat sea when it is effective, it can not be used as a health drink or tea for long-term drinking.

Some people are known to have spleen and stomach deficiency, which is characterized by decreased appetite, cold pain in the abdomen, warm and happy press, and thin stools.

In addition, women should be used with caution during menstruation.

Office workers four strokes easy health care


Office workers four strokes easy health care

[One style]straight in the song (sitting work) 1.

Sit down, do not back, hands naturally relax on the legs, mix thoroughly.


Slowly inhale with your nose, make a fist, and insert your fists into the body.


Elbows, chest, waist straight, head tilted back.


Then exhale with your nose, put your neck and hands down, and slowly open your hands.


With the palms down, the head is back, the original posture is restored, and the whole body is relaxed.

銆€銆€Reminder: 7 times per practice, 3-4 times a day.

Keep steady during practice, correct, easy, move and ease, you can breathe in the middle, you can’t be angry.

銆€銆€[Two styles]and the capital of the capital (sitting work) 1.

Sit up straight, put your arms around your head and keep your breath breathing.


Inhale with your nose, raise your head and arms, and straighten your chest.


Exhale, the head is low, the body shape slowly bends downwards, and the relaxation makes the back spine smooth.

銆€銆€Reminder: Generally, you can do it 6 times back and forth, depending on your physical condition.

It should be slow, careful, and not urgent.

銆€銆€[Three styles]Ping Yi (鐢╂墜鍔?1.

Relaxed and breathed naturally; feet are parallel and wide.


Raise your arms to your shoulders and let them fall naturally.


When the fourth step is continued, the arm and the knee are simultaneously flexed.

銆€銆€Reminder: If you are tired of practicing any exercises, you can insert the flat movements at the right time until you are tired and then reply to the original action.

This action can remove toxicity in the body.

銆€銆€[Four styles]Shoot 1

The front side naturally sways up and down, actually flat.


Turn around with your waist, relax your back, and swing your arms like a wave drum, and pat the trouser pocket (ie 鑳?.

銆€銆€Reminder: This type of exercise can help the abdominal organs, after drinking, you can drink some warm water.

Do not force to beat, so as not to hurt the body.

A sister’s paper became like this after boiling water with wormwood.



A sister’s paper became like this after boiling water with wormwood.


I remember that when I was young, there was wormwood in front of the house.

Mom will say that these are all treasures. At that time, I didn’t understand. When I grew up, I really knew.

However, I believe that many people are only ignorant of wormwood, so let’s make up the class today!

Every time the Qingming Dragon Boat Festival, people always put wormwood in their homes to “avoid evil spirits”. After drying, they are used to boil water and fumigation children to stop itching and go to the throat. The mothers use wormwood boiled water to bathe or fumigation, sweating and vomiting, and wormwoodThe medicinal and culinary value is also very high, and it is also used to make food such as cakes for the purpose of raising and growing.

The benefits of wormwood medicinal value: wormwood can be used as medicine, with warming, dehumidification, cold, hemostasis, anti-inflammatory, antiasthmatic, antitussive, expectant, anti-allergic and so on.

It has been proved by modern medical research that Ai Ye has antibacterial and antiviral effects; antiasthmatic, antitussive and expectorant effects; hemostasis and anticoagulant effects; sedative and anti-allergic effects;

Edible value: wormwood can be used as “Aiye tea”, “Ai Ye Tang”, “Ai Ye porridge” and other recipes to enhance the body’s resistance to disease.

The special scent unique to wormwood has the effect of repelling insects. Therefore, the ancients often hang wormwood in front of the door, which is used to ward off evil and used to drive away mosquitoes.

In addition to cooking wormwood, there is one simplest way to use wormwood, which is to use wormwood to boil water!

What magical effect will it have?

What can the boiled water do?

The following is for you to reveal?
Ai grass boiled water amazing use boiled water wash head has oil, itching, anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss and other effects; wormwood’s main effect, qi and blood, warm meridians, phlegm and dampness, pain relief, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, promote circulation, qi.

Since there is “antibacterial, anti-inflammatory”, the effect of itching and dandruff is very good, the key point is not to hurt the hair and scalp!

Practice: cook a bowl of wormwood water with wormwood, the thicker the better; align the entire scalp with wormwood water, then wrap the hair with a towel, so that the wormwood water is kept on the scalp for 10 minutes; with shampooOr rinse with warm water; “Ten fingers are comb” and repeatedly comb the hair 100 times with your fingers.

In the initial period, wash your head with wormwood water for about 3 times a week: Wait until the head is not oily, the head is not itchy, and when the chips are missing, you can wash it 1-2 times a week, so that the maintenance of the entire scalp and hair is very good.

Washing hair with wormwood for 1 time, the basic scalp does not itch: insist on washing 3 times the basic dandruff is gone; persist for 3 months, it seems that more and more velvet hair, the previous headaches are also a lot better!

Pediatric boiled water bath, itching scorpion summer baby long scorpion is normal, but novice mother will have a better way than the urgency, if you use the toilet water for the baby, the scorpion powder is still not good, then you do not hinder cookingPotted wormwood water washes the baby, it should be very good after 2 times!

Practice: use 30 grams of wormwood and water to cook in the pot for 15 minutes, the thicker the better; after the wormwood water is warmed, directly wipe the wormwood with a towel dipped in wormwood water; then pour the wormwood waterInto the basin, adjust the water temperature, give the baby a bath; remember: after washing your baby with wormwood, do not use any shower gel or water to rinse!

Ai grass blisters feet, kidney and cold have a miraculous effect to take Ai Ye 50?
100 grams, put in the iron basin and add water to boil, then pour into the tub, it is best to use the tub, not iron basin or aluminum basin, because the metal is cold, not conducive to warming.

Note on the foot bath After the water temperature rises by about 40 掳C, you can start to soak your feet. The amount of water must be at least immersed in the entire instep. You can go to the foot above, allow the following, the bathing time is about half an hour, during whichIf the water is cold, add some hot water, soaking it to the slightest sweat is the best, then add some water.

When the feet are soaked, the time of the feet is also stressful: for example, if you want to warm the kidney yang, you can choose to be around 21 o’clock in the evening, because the kidney blood is weaker at this time, at this time, the feet are increased, the body volume is increased, the blood vessels in the bodyWill expand, is conducive to blood circulation, promote blood circulation and metabolism in the body.

The nerves that are tense during the day and the kidneys that have been tired for a day can be completely relaxed and fully adjusted at this time.

After the bubble is finished, you can also do a proper foot massage for a few minutes to further relieve the organs.

The ancients also pay attention to flowers and plants, they will add other flowers and plants in the leaves of the leaves according to the specific conditions of the body, for the treatment.

For example: cold, cold, joint pain, bronchitis, can add ginger; varicose veins, peripheral neuritis, numbness of hands and feet, can add safflower; red eyes, toothache, upset, upset, cold, feet and legs swollen, can add salt; foot sweat, foot odor, athlete’s foot, eczema, can add pepper.

and many more.

The wormwood can also be used to make tea and drink. It is good to get rid of the cold and wet effect in the body, especially in the white-collar beauty in the air-conditioned room. If you feel that the ginger date tea is troublesome, then drink wormwood tea.

Baby picky food is difficult to serve?


5 tricks to help you get him

Baby picky food is difficult to serve?
5 tricks to help you get him

Baby does not eat, mother is desperate?
I believe many mothers have encountered such a leak.

This is not a niche problem. Most of the babies around us have picky eaters.

So where is the problem?

What makes the baby uninterested in food?

Come and teach everyone how to deal with your baby’s picky food today. Let’s take a look.

There are several reasons why children are picky eaters. 1. Snacks eat too much and affect the intake of meals.

2, the type of food that comes into contact with children is relatively simple, and is unwilling to accept strange food.

3, for certain food traits, special odor, taste is more sensitive 4, parents also have a habit of partial eclipse.

5, lack of dining ritual feeling or destruction.

A few strokes to deal with the baby food style: one is not too strong for the baby, they are very sensitive to the nature of the parents.

If you want her to obey the meal, there is a good chance of rebellion.

Therefore, please put away your set of “coercion and temptation”, don’t make the meal like negotiation, this will make your baby’s picky eating mood high.

Move 2: Don’t love, pick up the baby to eat. Some parents think that as long as the baby loves to eat, they can do it every day. If the baby doesn’t like it, it will be ignored. This is actually a wrong demonstration of the baby, what she thinksJust pick what you like.

Do not think that obedience is the expression of loving children. You will only make her feel that she is special. When she lives in kindergarten, she will have serious picky eating emotions.

Therefore, please keep the nutrition of the food when feeding the baby, and tell her that nothing is special, whether you like it or not, try to try it.

Move 3: Learn to let your baby try a variety of tastes Sometimes the baby doesn’t like certain foods because of the fear brought by strangers, which gives her a strong sense of rejection.

At this time, it is recommended that parents can use the game, or change the pattern of food, so that the baby is curious about this food, naturally let the baby open the taste.

Recruitment 4: Parents should lead by example. Some parents like to show their authority. They want their children to be obedient and want her to eat anything.

In fact, the biggest problem may not be in the baby, the reason may appear in the parents.

Don’t forget that the baby’s curiosity and behavioral performance of the world only begins with imitating close people.

If you have a picky eater behavior, your child may draw a gourd as well, and may be more picky.

So, while teaching others, let’s lead by example.

Move 5: Don’t force eating, know the nature of food for the body. For food that children don’t like, parents can’t force eating. This will be counterproductive and make children hate certain foods.

It is recommended to let the child know the essence of each kind of food by telling the picture book or letting the child watch the inertia of the child, and guide the child to develop the habit of not picky eaters.

If the child is willing to try new food, even if the amount is small, parents should give encouragement.

銆€銆€The baby picky eater may be a staged behavior, and this skill is not brought by her when she was born.

This has a very big relationship with the guidance of the day after tomorrow.

If you want your baby not to picky eaters, then don’t pick food for your baby. When you give her the habit of cooking, it is difficult to correct the problem of picky eaters.

銆€銆€In addition, parents must remember that when the baby’s picky behavior has improved, please do not praise your praise, which will make her think that not picky eaters is a good behavior, in order to persist.

Aphrodisiac qigong


Aphrodisiac qigong

First, the infuriating operation method has the function of strengthening the kidney and nourishing the brain. After the governor alternates, the infuriating gas runs in the governor’s vein (small Zhoutian), and the heads of Baihui and Dantian produce mutually attracting magnetic forces, such kidneys.Zhongyuan Yinyuan can reach the marrow and replenish the brain. The essence of the five internal organs is returned to Dantian, supplementing the kidney essence, complementing each other and complementing each other, so that the human body will return from strength to decline.

銆€銆€From a physiological point of view, after the crossing of the Du Meridian, it can trigger mutual stimulation between the adrenal gland and the pituitary gland, mutual nourishment, and vigorous vitality.

銆€銆€As early as in the early Warring States period, there was a record of infuriating movements in the “Jing Qi Yu Pei Ming”. The inside pointed out: “The gas is deep – the depth is stored, the storage is extended, the extension is below, the lower is fixed, the fixed is solid, and the solid is fixed.Meng, Meng is long, long is retreating, retreat is no, there are few piles on the top, the ground is piled down, the Shun is born, the reverse is dead.

“After the perineum, the tail, hit the door backwards, the ridges up, through the jade pillow straight to the mind, and then down the Dantian, called Xiao Zhoutian.

The practice method is introduced as follows: The first step: exhale and pay attention to the heart and socket method: take the station, sit, horizontal, lips slightly closed, the tongue is squatting, the eyes are slightly closed, and the distracting thoughts are eliminated.

First pay attention to the tip of the nose, then close the eye inside the heart, listen to your exhalation with your ears, do not make a loud voice, while exhaling at the same time as the exhalation tends to the heart.

For a long time, the infuriating is concentrated in the heart.

If you still have troubles, you can use the “counting method”.

That is to say, the exhalation is silent, and then the exhalation is silent, so that the number is up to ten, and then from repeated operations until the distraction no longer rises, the number of interest rates can be abandoned.

After entering the silence, you should enter Dantian when you exhale, and don’t bother with the voice.

Time: 1 time in the morning, evening, and evening, a total of 3 times, every 20 minutes, generally work carefully, 10 days to complete the first step.

銆€銆€Reaction: When you practice for 3-5 days, you will feel heavy heart; 5-10 days, every time you exhale, you will feel the heat flow into the heart, which is the expression of the concentration of the gas.

銆€銆€Effect: Because I am not used to it for a few days, I feel dizzy, my back is sore, and my breathing is unnatural. This is a natural phenomenon. Don’t worry, as long as you keep exercising, you will become natural.

銆€銆€The second step: the intention to follow the Dantian approach: When the initial effort is to practice each exhalation, that is, after the heart is hot, you can follow along, and you should extend the process of sinking when you exhale, slowly step by step.Naturally carried out to the lower abdomen (Dantian).

Don’t be too hasty, if you use too much force, you can feel uncomfortable.

Time: 3 times a day, 25-35 minutes each time, 10 days can be suffocating.

銆€銆€Reaction: Every time the voice is heard, a heat flow is sent to Dantian. The lower abdomen sometimes makes a sound, and the peristalsis increases, and the qi phenomenon occurs.

This is the performance of the true gas transported to the lower abdomen, the intestinal function changes, and the evil spirits are expelled.

銆€銆€Effect: Since the instinct has passed through the stomach area, the function of the spleen and stomach has been improved. After the infuriating sun has entered the Dantian, the surrounding organs (such as the large intestine, bladder, kidney, etc.) have undergone physiological changes, and generally the appetite is improved.Abnormal bowel movements have improved.

銆€銆€The third step: adjusting the interest and concentrating on the Dantian method: When the second step has a clear feeling to Dantian, you can stop the breath intentionally or unintentionally in Dantian.

Don’t pay too much attention to exhale and send it down, so as not to cause too much heat and damage the Yin fluid.

You can breathe naturally, and only keep your mind in the Dantian area.

銆€銆€Time: 3 times a day, each time to more than half an hour.

This section is in the stage of cultivating strength in Dantian, and the time required is prolonged. It can be felt that the lower abdomen is full and powerful in about 40 days.

銆€銆€Reaction: Based on the second step of gas-sinking dantian, the fever of the lower abdomen is obvious. After ten days, the airflow is formed in the lower abdomen, the conversion of kungfu is deepened, the airflow is getting bigger and bigger, and the strength of the lower abdomen is enriched.

After the power is saved, you can move to the downstream. At this moment, the practitioner sometimes feels itchy genitals, perineal beating, and waist fever. The above feelings may appear different from person to person.

銆€銆€Effect: Because Renmai is smooth, heart and kidney meet, and the gas is strong, so the mind is safe and asleep.

Through the practice of work to continuously increase the heat energy to the gastrointestinal tract, the spleen and stomach digestion capacity is enhanced, weight gain, full of energy, sufficient vitality, enhanced renal function, a certain effect on impotence, and a certain effect on women’s irregular menstruation.

The fourth step: the governor does not forget the method of helplessness: 40 days after the intention to defend Dantian, the true gas is enriched to a certain extent. When there is enough power, it is going up the spine. When going up, the consciousness should be accompanied by the infuriating), if the infuriating stops somewhere, don’t use the consciousness to guide upwards (do not help).

The speed of this upward speed is determined by the power of Dantian.

If the strength is not enough, it will stop and move.

After the power of Dantian is enriched, it will naturally continue to rise.

If you are eager to clear the customs and work hard to guide you, it will be out of touch with Dantian forces. This is very harmful.

Therefore, it is necessary to let it be natural, and the infuriating activity is not transferred by the will of the human being.

If you go up to the jade pillow, the internal head item will pass.

銆€銆€Time: The number of sittings can be increased as appropriate, and each time should be extended to 40 minutes or an hour.

Since the customs clearance time varies from person to person, some people pass through it in an instant, so that the force is very strong and the vibration is great.

Someone has to pass several hours or days to pass.Most are in a week or so.

銆€銆€Response: On the basis of the third step, the practitioners consciously enriched Dan Tian, the full abdomen was full, the perineum was beating, the back waist was hot, and the life of the life at the gate (ie 鈥渒idney qi鈥? was the strength of the stock along the spine.

Before the Governor’s pulse was not passed, there was always a feeling of upward dialing in the vicinity, and there was a feeling of hooping on the right side. This is a phenomenon that must exist before the Governor.

Some people encounter situations, often produce fear and fear, and they dare not practice again. It is a pity that they have to give up their efforts.

At this stage, we must adhere to the practice. Once the Governor passes, it is naturally relaxed and happy. The Governor is a leap, so it is called 鈥渢he gas is skyrocketing鈥?

銆€銆€Effect: After the Governor’s pulse is smooth, a true breath enters Dantian, and a breath of infuriating into the mind, a call to form a Ren Duo cycle.

At this time, you can appreciate the true meaning of “breathing the spirit, keeping the gods alone.”

The spirit constantly replenishes the brain and the function of the cerebral cortex is enhanced.

Symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia and forgetfulness, backache and soft legs caused by kidney essence gradually disappear.

銆€銆€The fifth step: the method of life-saving energy-saving machine: generally still intends to keep Dantian.

After the governor, each meridian has been opened.

If there is activity in the head of the Baihui hole, you can keep your head.

Flexibility to master, that is, “there is a desire to see, no desire to see the wonderful” is also the treatment of different stages of practice.

銆€銆€Time: 3 times a day, each time more than 1 hour, the longer the time, the better.

It takes about a month or so, and all kinds of touch phenomena can gradually disappear, leaving only the strength of the remaining Dantian and Shangdantian to be more concentrated and vigorous.

銆€銆€Response: In the thousands of years before and after the passage of the Governor’s vein, the whole body often seems to have a flow of movement, and the skin is itchy like a crawling, etc. This is a manifestation of the smoothness of the meridians and the strong gas.

In this case, don’t deliberately pursue, and don’t panic. If you sit down with peace of mind, you will naturally calm down.

When sitting in a very quiet state, the above phenomenon disappears, and the nasal breath is slight. If there is no such thing, the internal instinct is more concentrated.

銆€銆€Effect: The more gas is over-redundant, the more fully the metabolic function of compensating and enhancing the body, so that the human vitality is strong, the immunity against disease is enhanced, the pathogenic factors are greatly reduced and eliminated, the dysentery is cured, and the exercise can be healthy and beneficial.Longevity.

銆€銆€The above five steps are gradual, and there are three different changes in the body during the entire infuriating process.

The first, second, and third steps are to adjust the breathing to promote the infuriating.

The intrinsic gas in the body is concentrated in Dantian. This stage is called 鈥減racticing refined gas鈥? This is the first stage. The fourth step uses the instinct of Dantian’s savings to rush through the Du Meridian and reach the mind.””, this is the second stage; after the fifth step, the kungfu is more sophisticated, because the meridian is unimpeded, the infuriating is running freely, this is the advanced stage, called “practice is still virtual”, master the five steps of the infuriating operationThree stages can be effective.

銆€銆€Second, Breathing Yishen Method Breathing Yishen Method is an ancient Chinese rejuvenation technique. First, the dirty air in the body is discharged, and then the fresh air is sucked in. This breathing method is called 鈥渟piting the new鈥?and is also the method of breathing and benefiting the kidney.The basics.

銆€銆€Breathing can make people’s health, prevent diseases, the elderly can prevent aging, achieve the effect of rejuvenating and rejuvenating, and vigorous sexual function.


Abdominal Breathing: With both hands under the navel, you can easily detect the inside of the air.

The posture can stand up, slowly absorb oxygen, and then spit it out in an instant.

After getting used to the abdominal breathing method, seek the spirit again.

As long as you have time, you can do it for 2 or 3 minutes at any time.

This method allows the abdominal muscles to fully contract and relax, which can accelerate blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis in the abdominal cavity and mesentery.

After continuing for two weeks, the body will naturally feel refreshed, the appetite will increase, and the skin will be rosy.


Sucking and swelling method: This kind of breathing method is the reverse breathing method of the above-mentioned abdominal breathing method. The ancient Chinese immortal is the secret method of longevity and rejuvenation.

銆€銆€First sit in a chair, or take a standing position, initially discharge the dirty air in the lungs, then relax the muscles to eliminate the body strength, and then try to inhale, and then force the abdomen to the maximum extent.

Then relax the shoulders, expand the abdomen, and slowly spit out the air. After repeated practice for 2 or 3 times, you can simply use this method.

銆€銆€In addition, be careful to inhale the tip of the tongue behind the upper teeth, completely inhaling the nose; when exhaling, the tongue should be attached to the lower jaw to exhale from the mouth.

Practice this method, be mentally focused, and make yourself feel the airflow to every corner of the body.

銆€銆€Third, the anus and kidney method This levator ani exercise is very simple.

First sit in the chair, concentrate the spirit, close your eyes, then slowly apply force on the anus, and then use a breath to tighten it, just like the essential way to stop when urinating.

Immediately, the force is relaxed, the anus is relaxed, the anus is contracted again, and relaxed, so that it is proficient for 3 minutes.銆€銆€When the anus contracts, the penis will increase, like a bow-like feeling, practice many times a day, the sphincter will become stronger, and the erection can be as desired.

The levator ani exercise is not able to stretch, and it has the effect of longevity and youthfulness.

Woman’s favorite thin food TOP10


Woman’s favorite thin food TOP10

If you are trying a new round of weight loss plan, then don’t miss out on the ten foods introduced below!

銆€銆€Whole wheat bread content: 65cal / piece of whole wheat bag is the lowest change in bread. If you are not happy, it is recommended that you have a whole wheat bag to fill your stomach for breakfast or tea time!

銆€銆€Oatmeal content: 132cal / a cup of foreign weight loss menu will set oatmeal for breakfast main dishes, a low card, two nutritious, vitamin B, E, iron and other ingredients, to promote the digestive system is very efficient.

Use it instead of cheese to make a night out today, it must be suitable for many years.

銆€銆€Broccoli content: 40cal / cup of broccoli is rich in high-fiber ingredients, with tomatoes, onions, green peppers and other materials can be turned into slimming soup, when the hungry is very useful, low card and full stomach.

銆€銆€Asparagus content: 66cal / one pound of asparagus is rich in vitamin A and C. It is a good choice for salads, or you can make a cup of asparagus when you are free. When you watch TV, you can eat snacks when you watch TV. It is healthy and not fat.

銆€銆€Eggplant speed: 19cal / half bowl There is scientific research showing that eggplant can play a role in preventing absorption abnormality in a meal, and contains vitamin A, B and C. It is a good food and good food for people who are losing weight.

銆€銆€Chicken chicken is a designated dish for a lot of weight loss menus. Of course, it can be eaten and transformed.

3 oz chicken is only 4.

1g 濮?is lower than half of beef and pork.

銆€銆€Potato content: 145cal / a large potato to eat potatoes to maintain the shape does not mean that all the extensions of potatoes can be eaten, because 20 French fries are 260cal, so the most safe boiled potatoes, potato chips?

Of course, please ask!

銆€銆€Seafood fish: immersed tuna fish 135cal / 1/4 cup salmon 70cal / one oz general seafood is the first choice for women who keep body shape, salt water dip fish with salmon, you may wish to take advantage of diet main dishes.

銆€銆€Lentil content: 232cal / cup If you eat with green leafy vegetables, you can speed up your body’s metabolism.

銆€銆€Orange content: 50cal / an orange with natural sugar, multi-fiber and low card, is the best choice to replace sweets, cakes, cookies and other desserts, sweet but weight loss sisters can eat orange to satisfy the desire to eat sweet, plusMulti-food fiber helps defecation and reduces the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Women’s sexual love is no longer a taboo


Women’s sexual love is no longer a taboo

In today’s world, invasive sexual behavior is no longer a man’s patent.

Whether it is a sexual assault or a voyeur, there are women who join.

Women are no longer just people who are lying in bed waiting for men to come. Today’s women don’t feel wrong about jumping to a man.

Showing some kind of pungency and initiative is no longer a taboo, and it is no longer a matter that women can’t think about. They won’t be ashamed to be red-faced.

銆€銆€Be prepared to familiarize yourself with how charming a woman with confidence in sexual life is.

You may be surprised. Women can take the initiative in a gender relationship to some extent. It can be straightforward or meticulous. In short, he makes him think about it.

You can also try new poses, props, and create new ideas and atmospheres, but don’t forget.

The positive development is to know when it is appropriate.

銆€銆€Men love to be teased. To stimulate them, they must first delay, and even stop him from making further requests when appropriate, so that his desire and excitement will expand.

If he is deeply attracted to you, his desire for sex is urgent.

In this case, you are likely to be dominated by his desires, but if you want to keep a sense of excitement, you should control the speed at which the vehicle is driving – that is, slow it down to the speed you need.

Try to stimulate him with your sexy voice, there will be unexpected effects, and sometimes some difficult third-level jokes on weekdays may stimulate our nerves.

Although some women feel that the idea of “slowing down” when making love is unbelievable, other women like it, and even excited because they hear you call her inferior little things.

While making love, whispering in her ear to say something inconspicuous, sometimes it is necessary to make her reach the climax.

銆€銆€Unless you are a jealous or extremely conservative man, you may occasionally be able to express a sexy side – sexy makeup, wild dance or warm flirting can bring him satisfaction.

If you accidentally put on sexy underwear, flirt on the phone, play different roles, write a hot love letter, write down the romantic thing in the diary and let him see it “inadvertently”, in short, to trigger his imagination.

Try wrapping a hand-knit sweater in floral paper and add a table to write “Don’t let it cool, let it warmly come home!”

“The note, anyone will look warm in my heart.”

But no matter what, you must let him know that you are sexy for him.

But the boundaries of each person’s mind are different, so you should understand each other’s definition of stimulus and crisis.

銆€銆€To get a sense of freshness in a sexual relationship, the most straightforward method is not necessarily to change an object. You can also spend more time thinking about finding new ideas with your partner. If you concentrate on doing it, he will feel it.

You can show a variety of aspects of women, such as changing the makeup and image – mature, youthful, strong, and even unrestrained.

When you are having sex, you can pretend that you are a different woman. If he gets so much from you, how can he ask for it?

But to make a difference, some men like women to take the initiative to tease them, while others think that men should always be in a proactive position. When women are too active and excited, they may feel humiliated.

DIY8 slimming tea winter beauty skin beauty clear

Winter has arrived, we have to follow the season to lose weight, maybe in the cold weather, you are not interested in those diet recipes, how about the tea?

To add more water in the winter, why not lose weight while slimming?

The following small series will introduce you to 8 DIY slimming teas, so that you can purify your body in the winter and wear a thick dress to show your body.


Detoxifying beauty tea materials: dry osmanthus amount, stevia 3g, green tea 5g, honey amount.

  Production: Put osmanthus and green tea into the cup and brew with hot water.

Wait about three minutes, let the sweet-scented osmanthus taste, then add honey.

  Effect: Degrease and light body, stomach and stomach, can also detoxify and remove bad breath.


Banana green tea material: 1 banana, 5g green tea, honey.

  Production: Peel the banana and add it to the tea, then add some honey to mix it.

  Efficacy: hydrolyzed diuretic, swelling, laxative and so on.


Jackfruit tea material: black tea 5g, pineapple half, lemon peel called.

  Production: Dip the black tea bag into cold water, boil it, cool it, add the pineapple into the black tea, and add the lemon skin and mix well.

  Effect: It can clear the heat, digest the phlegm, and eliminate the edema.

Jujube rose hawthorn tea material: 10 jujubes, a small rose, about 3?
4 (preferably buy some broken, more brewing taste), 10 grams of hawthorn (about 8-10 pieces), 15-20 pieces of hazelnuts, 25 grams of lotus leaf powder, about three big ones (ifIf you are not a powder, you can use the whole lotus leaf.) Half a lemon: It is not replaced with a quarter of orange peel (10 grams). A small white chrysanthemum (4-6, a small one refers to the three)The amount of finger pinching) Practice: 1.

It is planned that the cold water of 1800CC will be red dates, roses, hawthorn, lotus leaf powder, and glutinous rice.

The chrysanthemums (these materials are all dry) are put out and boiled and placed on the fire until they are about 15 minutes old.


Then put the sliced lemon into it and turn it off for a minute.

Only tea is left, others can be dumped.

  Drinking method: You can put one or two cups a day. The stomach can adapt to tea. Since it is thin, you can extend the replacement time. You can drink it once or twice a week. You can drink both hot and cold.

After cooking the tea in the summer, put it in the refrigerator for use, and you can cool off.

  Effect: The tea can help digestion, eliminate unfortunate accumulation, appetite and spleen, and qi and blood.

In the process, you can still have a slimming effect without dieting.

  Many people know that catechins in tea have the effect of delaying aging, fighting cancer and scavenging free radicals. Therefore, more and more people like to drink tea, but you have to know that there are differences in the teas that are consumed in different seasons.In winter, it is not advisable to drink cold tea. You should drink some black tea that warms the stomach.

The benefits of paying attention to tea and drinking tea are explained to you today.


Aloe black tea material: 20 cm aloe vera, 1 pack of black tea, 1 teaspoon of honey, a small amount of chrysanthemum. Method: Peel the aloe vera, put it in boiling water, then add chrysanthemum, black tea bag and honey.

  Effect: It can improve cell regeneration, accelerate the burning of adults, enhance the metabolism of the human body, and is of great help to beauty and body.


Bitter gourd tea material: 1 bitter gourd, the right amount of tea: After the bitter gourd is washed, cut it from the middle, add the tea after seeding, and then tie it with a thin wire and hang it in a ventilated place.

After completely drying for two weeks, remove the chopped, stir well, and take a small amount each time to brew with tea in boiling water.

  Effect: bitter gourd bitter gourd has the effect of cooling and quenching thirst, nourishing the skin and promoting metabolism.

It also contains a lot of clear fat, which is one of the best foods for weight loss.

Suitable for office workers, students and housewives who have the least amount of exercise and are prone to gain weight.

  7.Lavender Mint Tea Ingredients: Lavender, 3 grams of mint leaves, honey amount.

  Method: Put lavender and mint leaves in the cup.

Add 200 ml of boiling water and brew for about 5 minutes. Then add honey and mix thoroughly.

  Effect: The lotus leaf has been used as a slimming medicine since ancient times. It can clear fire, diuretic, clear fat, laxative, etc., so Xiao Bian specially recommended lavender mint tea, because it is not only delicious, but also beautiful.

Lavender is very beautiful when it is rippling in the water.


Peach mint tea ingredients: 10 grams of dried peach, 5 grams of mint leaves, 2 black tea bags.

  System of law: 1.

Wash dried peach and mint leaves for later use.


Add black tea, dried peach and mint leaves to the cup, add 200 ml of boiling water, and cover for about 10 minutes to replace it.

  Effect: Mint has many benefits. It is good for obesity, diabetes, etc. It can be greasy and of course refreshing.