What is Chinese medicine Qigong beauty?


What is Chinese medicine Qigong beauty?

Guide: What is Chinese medicine Qigong beauty?

Qigong Beauty is a kind of beauty method that uses various Qigong exercises to prevent damage or delaying the body, light body, add qi, and beautify the body.

Qigong Beauty is a kind of beauty method that uses various Qigong exercises to prevent damage or delaying the body, light body, add qi, and beautify the body.

Its biggest feature is the overall view.

Chinese medicine believes that: human body parts, skin hair, facial features, etc. are all closely related to the internal organs of the body, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, bloodMust go outside.”

Qigong Beauty is to achieve the goal of health care and beauty by regulating the balance of viscera, blood, yin and yang in the body.

The basic principle of Qigong treatment is to highlight the body, adjust the interest rate, adjust the heart, and demonstrate the “integration of the spirit.”

The qi function guides relaxation with the mind, induces the entrance to the mind, and adjusts the function of the nerve center of the brain and the subcortex.

Qigong can pass through the brain and nervous system, or directly to various tissues, organs and even cells; the uniqueness of Qigong becomes the guidance of ideas. Because the ideas have positive information, the overall function tends to be highly coordinated.Highly ordered, highly excited state.

The strength of Qigong is outstanding, the body is strong, and the appearance is naturally more radiant.

Qigong can play a good overall operation effect, making the human body like the sun and the moon, like nature, suitable for movement and movement, natural for transportation, and strong for disease.

Why are you cold in winter?


Why are you cold in winter?

Many women have cold feet, but do you know what causes women’s feet to cool?

Chinese medicine believes that cold feet are a kind of “severe disease”, that is, “closed” is nowhere. It is affected by factors such as cold weather or cold body, which causes the liver to be cold, and the hematopoietic function of the liver is affected, leading to kidney yang.Insufficient, cold limbs.

The common cause of cold feet 1 circulatory disorder 1, the heart is weak, unable to supply blood to the distal part of the body.

銆€銆€2, anemia, insufficient circulating blood or low hemoglobin and red blood cells.

銆€銆€3, the human blood vessels contract, blood return ability will be weakened, the blood circulation of the hands and feet, especially the fingertips, is poor, that is, people often say that the peripheral circulation is poor.

2 Yangqi deficiency Chinese medicine believes that cold hands and feet is a kind of autism, the so-called closure is nowhere, affected by factors such as cold weather or cold body, causing the liver to be cold, the hematopoietic function of the liver is affected, leading to kidney yangInsufficient, cold limbs, red or white hands and feet, and even a feeling of pain.

3 Hormonal changes caused by menstruation and breeding In the population with symptoms of cold hands and feet, females occupy a place.

This is a hormonal change that affects the nervous system by causing subcutaneous vasoconstriction and reduced blood flow, which causes cold syndrome.

In the population with symptoms of cold hands and feet, women occupy a place.

4 disease factors include Raynaud’s disease and Raynaud’s phenomenon, multiple arteritis, mostly in young women.

Thrombotic occlusive vasculitis occurs mostly in middle-aged men.

銆€銆€In addition, mental stress is too large, psychological hypersensitivity, usually over-care, and often uneasy people are also high-risk people with cold hands and feet.

What is easy for people with cold feet to eat? 1 meat is mutton, and the effect of beef is better.

These contain high levels of protein, protein and fat, which are beneficial to kidney and yang, warm and warm, and qi and activating blood.

Eating these meats can accelerate the metabolism of yang deficiency and enhance the endocrine function, thus achieving the effect of protecting the cold.

銆€銆€1, mutton is sweet and warm, rich in trace amounts, protein, glucose, mineral calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., can warm the tonic, kidney and liver, appetizing and spleen, is the winter’s nutritious and rich cold.

銆€銆€2, beef is rich in protein, amino acid composition is closer to the human body than pork, can improve the body’s disease resistance, for growth and development, after surgery, people who are after the disease are particularly suitable for supplementing blood loss and repairing tissues.

Two stem medical researchers found that people are afraid of cold and the lack of inorganic salts in the body.

Carrots, lilies, hawthorn, green vegetables, Chinese cabbage and other rich in inorganic salts, such foods do not hinder the substitution of other foods.

銆€銆€1, American ginseng, this is a good medicine for qi, calm, not dry.

You can drink water alone.

銆€銆€2, sesame, peanuts, vitamin E and a variety of nutrients, can help the absorption of vitamin B, strengthen the ability of nerves to fight the cold.

Vitamin E also has the effect of dilating blood vessels, which can strengthen the blood circulation of the limbs.

3 iodine-containing food kelp, seaweed, sea salt, hairy vegetables, sea bream, medlar, Chinese cabbage, spinach, corn and other iodine-containing foods can promote the secretion of thyroid hormones.

Thyroid hormone has a heat-generating effect, which can accelerate the oxidation process of tissue cells in the body (except the brain, gland, and uterus), increase the heat production, increase the basal metabolic rate, strengthen the blood circulation of the skin, and resist cold and cold.

銆€銆€Especially the shrimp, shrimp protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron content are higher than meat, eggs, milk, with warm kidney, spleen and stomach, access to blood.

4 spicy food 1, eat onions can help the body to produce food that promotes blood circulation.

銆€銆€2, ginger contains aromatic volatile oil, which can dispel wind and dispel cold, promote blood circulation and increase body temperature.

銆€銆€3, pepper with piperine, eat pepper can make people feel warm and comfortable, and can prevent cold distortion of the joint muscle damage.

銆€銆€4, pepper contains capsaicin, can stimulate appetite, improve digestion, make people’s heart beat fast, peripheral capillaries expand, blood flow to the body surface increases.

5 Iron-containing food researchers found that iron deficiency in human blood is also cold.

Anemia women have lower body temperature than women with normal hemoglobin.

At 7 掳 C, the heat production is 13% less. When the iron supplement is added, its cold resistance is obviously enhanced.

銆€銆€Therefore, women who are afraid of cold can consciously increase the intake of foods with high iron content, such as animal liver, lean meat, spinach, egg yolk and so on.

In addition, walnut kernels, red dates, animal blood, glutinous rice wine, cherries produce a small amount of high, can increase the body’s transformation, keep warm and keep warm.

It is recommended that 6 kinds of warm-up tea 1 rose tea rose tea have the effect and effect. Naturally, there is no need to say more, the temperature is warm, the qi is relieved, the blood circulation is scattered, the effect of regulating menstruation and relieving pain is obvious; the warming of the heart and the blood, the body of the body is depressed.Qi, often drinking rose tea can improve blood circulation, so winter friends who are afraid of cold drink more.

2 Chinese jujube ginger tea tea Chinese medicine believes that ginger has the effect of phlegm and cold, nourishing the stomach and relieving vomiting, especially for the middle-aged and elderly people with weak yang and cold women who have cold and cold.

Ginger jujube tea is a hot drink recommended for winter health, which is very suitable for spleen and stomach cold, cold friends.Drinking a cup every day can effectively dispel cold and moisturize and resist the harsh winter.

3 red dates longan tea first peeled red dates, longan separately.

Then brew with hot water (about 1 pot) for 8-10 minutes.

Finally add sugar.

In the case of adding honey, the water of the jujube tea should not be higher than 60 degrees, otherwise the nutrients of the honey will be destroyed.

Jujube longan tea can supplement women’s blood gas, enhance blood circulation and warmth, and improve beauty and beauty.

Long-term implementation is recommended, and the benefits will be more obvious.

4 brown sugar 鏋告潪 ginger tea brown sugar is warm, sweet, into the spleen, with Qi and blood, spleen warm stomach, blood circulation and siltation.

Ginger (Ginger Mother), it tastes spicy and can nourish blood.

Specific practice: prepare a piece of ginger, 50 grams of wolfberry, 50 grams of brown sugar, 500 grams of water, wash the ginger, all the ingredients into the pot and boil for about 15 minutes.

5 grams of 15 grams, 10 grams of longan, a piece of ginger, two red dates.

Peel the red dates and remove the seeds, add other herbs, brew with 500ml to 1000ml of hot water, soak them for a few minutes and replace them with heat.

6 milk black tea, 3 grams of black tea, 100 grams of milk, 2 grams of salt.

Put the black tea into the pot, add water to cook for 5 minutes; filter the black tea leaves, and cook the milk in a pot; add the tea juice after boiling the milk, add salt and mix.

Drink once a day, can effectively supplement blood and strengthen your body.

Tanabata is coming, can a single dog be abused for 10 years?


How do you want me?

Tanabata is coming, can a single dog be abused for 10 years?
How do you want me?

Tanabata is coming again. For the single Wang, it is only hard to wait to see the couple’s fancy show.

But God does not pity us for the tragic experience of our single dogs, but also said that long-term singles will live less for 10 years. Long-term singles are a “fatal blow” to health. American studies have found that single women are on average 7 times lower than married women.
In 15 years, single men have a lower life expectancy than married men?
17 years, equivalent to a short life of 10 years, and 30?
39 years old is the most risky age group.

Women who are single or born after age 35 have a higher prevalence of pregnancy than women born before the age of 30.

Single life is comparable to smoking and can cause illness.

1, the risk of suspects and deaths high Finnish researchers found, and more than one.

Mortality and marital status of 50,000 patients with acute hypertension between the ages of 35 and 74 found that the proportion of single men increased by 58% compared with those of the same age.
66%, single women are 60% higher than married women?

Researchers believe that the reasons are: married people’s lifestyle is healthier; they have a wider network of interpersonal relationships, can get more social support, mental health is better than single people; after an emergency, because there are people aroundMarried people can get treatment in a timely manner.

2, leading to depression in Korean scholars: the proportion of singles with suspected depression is 27.

2%, while married people only have 8.


The reason is rooted in long-term singles and easy negative attitude towards love, and may also affect work and general interpersonal relationships, or get along with family members.

Moreover, because of long-term singleness, leading to gradual life, excessive pressure of work, or family members to marry, the same age to marry and have children will produce pressure, so the incidence of depression, anxiety will be longer.

Finally, in the face of stressful events, the social support that can be obtained due to the pressure is relatively small, so single people are more likely to feel helpless, resulting in some psychological problems.

3, the old easy dementia research shows that long-term single people are prone to more serious memory or amnesia symptoms, the risk of senile dementia is higher.

Some experts surveyed more than 800,000 elderly people over the age of 65. The results showed that the elderly and married people who lived single life for a lifetime listed the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease as high as 42%.

This is because the frequency with which a single person socializes with others is gradually reduced.

1 kind of fruit, known as the blood vessel scavenger, eat a little every day, the blood vessels are all the way


1 kind of fruit, known as the blood vessel “scavenger”, eat a little every day, the blood vessels are all the way

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One kind of fruit, known as the blood vessel “scavenger”, eats a little every day, the blood vessels are smooth all the way, and there is no awareness of clearing the blood vessels. Why should we clean up?

In fact, it is not difficult to understand that the blood vessel is like a water pipe. When it is used for a long time, it will appear dirt, and the elasticity will be worse. If it is serious, it may need to be replaced to be used normally.

The blood vessels start working when they are born. If they are not cleaned up and maintained in time, how can they ensure the normal operation of the blood vessels.

In particular, the damage of blood vessels is mostly irreversible. Many patients with vascular diseases have sequelae such as sputum and amputation because of severe vascular injury and local organ necrosis.

A large part of the cause of vascular stenosis is improper diet, the incidence of long-term cerebral infarction keeps rising, and with the improvement of living conditions, many people have no relationship with diet.

Which foods can cause blood vessels to block?

The vascular tension is due to excess cholesterol, the triglyceride concentration is too high, the blood is thick, plaques appear, resulting in slower blood vessel flow and blood vessel embolism.

So these foods cause cholesterol and triglycerides to rise?

High-fat foods, such as fat meat, high-intensity foods in animals, such as fried chicken, potato chips and other high-sugar foods, excess sugar will be converted into triglyceride high-starch foods, and excess starch will be converted to triglycerides.Plasma food, a small amount of various kinds of eggs, these foods are no problem, but often eaten, especially high-fat foods, long-term consumption of triglycerides will skyrocket, high blood lipids, blood thick, vascular blood vessels, highBlood pressure and so on.

There are basically no signs of vascular phospholipids, so one must pay attention to an indicator – triglyceride during physical examination.

The normal value of triglycerides is 1.

7mmol / l, if you exceed this standard, be careful – blood vessels are not far from you!

Does the triglyceride exceed the standard?

The first is to eat less of the food mentioned above, especially animal oil, fat meat, animal offal, egg yolk, etc., but should choose to eat more vegetables, fruits, but also appropriate and exercise, in order to control the triglycerideDon’t let it continue to skyrocket.

In vegetables, this kind of is a better way to lower triglycerides, known as “vascular scavengers.”

One kind of fruit is known as the blood vessel “scavenger”, often eats blood lipids, blood vessels also rely on eating vegetables to reduce blood lipids, dredge blood vessels is not very effective.

The food with obvious effect of lowering blood fat, it is recommended that this 1 dried fruit soaked in water, the time of drinking water can lower blood fat, it is – the fruit of fruit in March.

Life fruit in March is rich in salicylic acid, phenolic acid – natural aspirin, long-term consumption, can effectively protect the heart, prevent high blood pressure, vascular wall atherosclerosis, cerebrovascular embrittlement and other heartCerebrovascular disease.

According to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine,[Life Fruit March Bubbles], in addition to direct salicylic acid, phenolic acid and other substances, is also rich in potassium, implanted with acid and natural SOD,It can effectively remove vascular waste.

In particular, SOD, in 1998, three famous scientists in the United States, Robert, Ferry and Loignano announced to the world that the reduction of SOD content and activity is the root cause of human illness and death. Supplementing SOD can achieve various prevention and treatment.disease.
Finally, close to diet is not a panacea. To be healthy, to exercise regularly, to maintain a good mood and to treat the disease correctly is also an important part.

Have you heard of color health?


Have you heard of “color” health?

After the yellow spleen yellow food is absorbed, its nutrients are mainly concentrated in the spleen and stomach area.

Such as pumpkin, corn, etc., regular food can have a restructuring benefit to the spleen and stomach.

The content of vitamin A and D in yellow food is relatively abundant.

Vitamin A can protect the body, respiratory mucosa, reduce the occurrence of gastritis and other diseases; vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and strengthen the bones.

Red nourishing red foods include carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.

According to the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, red is a fire, so red food can enter the human body and enter the bloodstream. It has the effect of supplementing blood and promoting blood and lymph fluid.

Moreover, red foods have strong antioxidant properties, which cause lycopene, tannins, etc., which can protect cells, have anti-inflammatory effects, and provide protein, inorganic salts, vitamins and trace elements to strengthen the heart and gas.Blood function.

Green liver and green into the liver, eat more green foods have the function of relieving liver and strong liver, green food is the body’s “detoxification agent”, can inhibit the spleen and stomach, digestion and absorption.

At the same time, green food contains cellulose that can clear the stomach and prevent constipation, and its alternative lutein can maintain retinal health.

White Yangfei white is gold in the five elements, into the lungs, which is good for Qi.

Most white foods, such as milk, rice and chicken fish, are rich in protein. Regular consumption can eliminate the fatigue of the body and promote the recovery of the disease.

In addition, white food is a relatively safe nutritional food.

Because of its low content compared to red food meat, high blood pressure, high blood pressure and other patients, it is better to eat white food.

Black kidney-retaining black food refers to a variety of natural flora and fauna that is black or purple in color and dark brown.

In the five elements, the black main water enters the kidney. Therefore, eating black food can supplement the kidney.

Black sesame seeds, black fungus, seaweed, etc. have high nutritional health and medicinal value. They can significantly reduce the incidence of arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke and other diseases, such as influenza, chronic hepatitis, kidney disease, anemia, hair loss, etc.Has a good effect.

Ways to enhance the appetite of the elderly


Ways to enhance the appetite of the elderly

As the saying goes, “people take food for the sky”. If people don’t think about tea, they just take meals as a task. It is obviously not a healthy lifestyle.

The old man is like this. The average middle-aged and old people see everything that is delicious, and even three meals a day are not a pleasure in their hearts.

銆€銆€So how do you increase the appetite of the elderly?

Here are a few ways to recommend it to everyone.

銆€銆€Changing the appetite of the dining atmosphere is also a reflection of the mood of the elderly. The mood is not good, the appetite will be poor, and there is no appetite for those meals.

This is mainly because the children are not at home all the year round, leaving the atmosphere calm and depressed.

Therefore, you can invite some friends or neighbors to eat together, make the table more lively, and chat while eating, it can also increase appetite.

銆€銆€Another reason for the elderly who do not want to eat properly is that they are not hungry. They sit at home watching TV every day, rarely move around, and the body’s food cannot be digested in time, so there is no sense of obesity.

Therefore, the elderly should go out for more exercise. During the exercise, the internal peristalsis is accelerated, the food digestion is increased, the fatigue is enhanced, and the appetite is enhanced.

The choice of eating more digestible foods is also related to the appetite of the elderly.

The digestive function of the elderly has dropped significantly. At this time, the stomach is prone to chills. In the long run, it is easy to affect our appetite.

At this time, you should choose some foods that can help digestion, such as hawthorn, dried tangerine peel, etc., even can regulate the function of the stomach, but also increase the appetite of the elderly.

銆€銆€The scent of the food has a stimulating effect on the appetite, so the elderly should eat hot when eating, and enjoy a beautiful meal in the scent.

銆€銆€Music, increased appetite, nervousness, eating, and nature are not fragrant. If you want to eat incense, you must temporarily put your nervousness and worry down.

At this time, you can put some relaxing music during the meal, so that the elderly can relax and increase appetite.

Walking + licking the stomach and stomach. “After a meal, walk a hundred steps, live to ninety-nine.” The old man should develop a good habit of taking a walk half an hour after a meal. At the same time, he can match the movement of the stomach and promote blood circulation.And gastric juice secretion, enhance digestion and digestion.

When you are licking your stomach, put your fingers together and take the navel as the center. Rotate the abdomen with both palms until the belly is red and hot.

銆€銆€The appetite of the elderly is closely related to health. We should pay attention to the daily diet of the elderly in order to do the filial piety of the children.

Health and solar terms: Lichun wants to raise liver


Health and solar terms: Lichun wants to raise liver

The word “绔? in Lichun is the beginning, meaning that from this day, the cold winter is about to pass, and the warm spring has arrived.

On the day of the beginning of the spring, the Beijing area has the custom of eating radishes, eating spring cakes and spring rolls, and the name “bite spring”.

This custom has a long history and originated in the Jin Dynasty. It flourished in the Tang Dynasty and became more popular in the Ming Dynasty.

Eat spring cake to pay attention to the package, from the beginning to the end, called “head and tail”, take the meaning of Geely.

銆€銆€From the point of view of modern nutrition, eating spring cake is more in line with human needs than eating spring rolls.

Because the main and non-staple food mix of spring cake is very reasonable, it has a variety of foods, complete nutrients and less oil.

The spring rolls are decomposed by oil after being fried. During the frying process, many nutrients beneficial to the human body will be lost. Therefore, it is recommended to eat spring cakes when biting spring.

銆€銆€In addition, Chinese medicine theory believes that so the spring should pay special attention to the maintenance of the liver to comply with the time.

In the daily diet, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics that spring is beginning to rise in the yang, eat more foods with the characteristics of Xingan divergence, and eat less food with acid absorption.

Vegetables with Xingan divergence properties include: rapeseed, coriander, leeks, onions, mustard, white radish, pepper, ginger, onion, garlic, sage, white, bamboo shoots, cucumber, melon, pumpkin, loofah, eggplant, etc.

Vegetables belonging to the acid-receiving properties are: purslane, tomato, orange, orange, pomelo, apricot, papaya, alfalfa, hawthorn, olive, lemon, pomegranate, ebony, etc.

銆€銆€Professor Zhang Guoxi, Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

Reasonable life care is more healthy


Reasonable life care is more healthy

In the evening, after more intense mental work, after a day of mental work, many things are in my mind. For example, after half an hour of dinner, choose a quiet place, relax your waist and relax your spirit, which will make your thinking fresh and fresh.Can improve sleep, can be described as two birds with one stone.

銆€銆€In life health care, through the development and deepening of scientific research, some traditional concepts will continue to innovate and change.

At present, a variety of new theories are circulating in foreign countries.

銆€銆€Long sighs and short sighs are good for health. Long and short sighs are a kind of physiological phenomenon that people produce when they encounter sadness, anxiety, grief, pain or dissatisfaction.

銆€銆€For a long time, people think that long and short sighs are negative and pessimistic.

However, the observations of Japanese psychologists show that when people are sad and sorrowful, they sigh and sigh twice, and have a sense of calmness in calming the nerves. When they are working and learning fatigue, they will sigh and have a chest width.God’s sense of open-mindedness; that is, when you are satisfied, when you are happy and excited, you will feel a relaxed and happy moment.

Psychologists and doctors had tested their blood pressure before the athletes won the championship, and before the candidates entered the examination room, and then let them sigh a few times, and found that their systolic and diastolic blood pressures decreased.

Breathing, heartbeat is slower than before, and psychological stress is also improved.

Therefore, physiotherapists point out that before going to sports every day, there are several times to make a short sigh, which has the effect of strengthening the respiratory muscles and improving the respiratory function, which can both strengthen the spirit and promote exercise.

銆€銆€Walking in the rain for healthy people to walk in fine weather is considered normal, and in some countries in Europe and America, more and more people join the ranks of walking in the rain.

Meteorologists believe that walking in the rain has many fitness effects that are incomparable for a sunny walk.

A drizzle falls on the earth, washing dust and dirt, purifying the air, making the road cleaner and the air fresher.

In addition, when the sun is exposed before the rain and the first rain drops, the large amount of negative ions produced by the phenomenon of “airborne vitamins” is caused, and the blood pressure is lowered.

Walking outdoors with drizzle can also help to eliminate the emotional depression that is easily caused by rainy weather.

Compared to those uncovered walkers, drizzle is like a natural cold bath, which greatly enhances the body’s ability to adapt to changes in the external environment.

銆€銆€In the evening, it is good to say that the health of the evening is: “The day is in the morning.

Most people are used to exercising in the morning, thinking that this can cheer up.

However, some medical health experts in foreign countries believe that there is a great substitute for evening exercise.

After studying in a university health center in the United States, it is pointed out that all kinds of activities of the human body are controlled by the “biological clock”. Within 24 hours a day, the highest and lowest points of physical strength of human beings have certain regularity, and the physical exertion reaches the highest point.Most of the time is in the evening. During this time, the sensitivity and adaptability of the human body’s physical response peaked, and the rate of heart rate and blood pressure rose the most. During this period, exercise caused the heart rate to accelerate and the blood pressure to rise.Value is good for health.

The study also believes that the evening exercise converges from the sleep time, and the resulting fatigue can cause a faster fall.

銆€銆€In addition, evening exercise is more susceptible to mental work. After a day of mental work, many things are in my mind. For example, after half an hour of dinner, choose a quiet interval, relax the waist, relax the spirit, and make the mind fresh., can improve sleep, can be described as two birds with one stone.

Home fattening exercise method


Home fattening exercise method

A large number of thin-skinned friends may not have the conditions to go to the gym, here to recommend a suitable fitness and fattening program for the family.

銆€銆€1, push-ups can be said to be one of the best ways to gain weight by hand. The nickname I gave it is called the all-around warrior. Through different arm distance changes and high amplitude changes, different exercise effects can be achieved. Now I am simple.Say it.

銆€銆€1) General push-ups.

Do not pad anything before and after, the distance between the 2 hands is slightly wider than the front, and when going down, the top should be almost attached.

The main stimulating muscle of this movement is the middle part of the pectoral muscle, followed by the deltoid toe and triceps (the opposite muscle of the abdominal biceps, which is seen by newcomers who do not understand).

銆€銆€Do 3 groups a day. If you can do it 12 times independently, add a little weight to your back.

銆€銆€The hand is too high for push-ups.

The main exercise chest muscle is higher, newcomers can not do, because you do not have chest muscles, first exercise the chest muscles in the middle, said this action is to further perfect your cockroaches to do, is a high-level exercise program.

銆€銆€The steps are raised.

The lower part of the exercise chest is also a high-level exercise program, and new people do not.

銆€銆€2) The distance between the two hands is wider than the shoulder.

Mainly exercise the triceps, as well as the part of the chest muscles.

銆€銆€At home fitness, the first three groups of hands with a wide push-ups, in the three groups of narrower push-ups, you can, there are spare students, two actions each action 5 groups enough, not as much as possible,To give the muscles a strong stimulation in the shortest possible time, if your training time is a marathon, it will only consume a lot of physical strength, and the hormone secretion time during exercise is about 1 hour. If it exceeds this time, the exercise effect is very poor.

銆€銆€2, pull-ups.

It is also the second all-round warrior project, shaping the perfect hip muscles and strong biceps, and the exercise method is the same as above.

Mainly stimulate the muscles, forehand pull up, mainly stimulate the big round muscle (the muscle in the back of the arm), the upper part of the latissimus dorsi, the biceps, the tibialis and the forearm muscles.

This action requires a higher initial force. A newcomer who can’t afford it can practice the lifting bar first. It is recommended to buy 2 dumbbells. After doing this, it is recommended to lift 3 groups of dumbbells to fully and redundantly.Muscle stimulation, 2 movements, simple, convenient, effective, no more than 40 minutes, get it?
3, squat.

There is no barbell at home, you can aim at the dumbbells (dumbbells can be bought on Taobao or nearby supermarkets), pick up a dumbbell in both hands, stand up, squat down, it’s very simple.

The key point of the action essentials is that when standing up, the waist must be perpendicular to the ground. Don’t bend it together when you come together. It’s very irritating to the waist. Second, let the muscles of the leg be subjected to the waist.Decomposition, gradually slow down, if you quickly squat down, it will inevitably occur when you get up, that is equal to no meaning, the deeper the sputum, the more you can stimulate the hip muscles.

銆€銆€A total of 3 actions, it is so simple, adhere to 3 months, 4 eggs a day, all eaten, do not consider taking, we do not need to consider this level, milk try to drink, chicken beef eat more, rice taro eat more, thisBe sure to eat more, even if the protein is less, eat more.

銆€銆€Finally, summarize some of the main points of fitness and fattening: 1, exercise every two days in order, that is, Monday push-ups, Thursday, pull-ups, Sundays, squats, bodybuilding principles are thorough exercise, full rest, notWe think that the daily exercise effect is good.

銆€銆€2, never exceed 30 minutes each time, the rest between each group should not exceed 1 minute, 2 actions 15 minutes can be completely fixed, must concentrate on concentration, not marathon-like exercise 3,12 times.

Any action can be done 12 times in a single weight and add a little weight. Your heart is only 12 times. The first group of any action can complete 10 times and can complete 10 times.

(Except for the pull-ups, the principle of the pull-ups is that you can’t do it until you take a minute to rest) 4, no more than 5 groups of actions.

銆€銆€5, sleep at least 10 hours a day.

銆€銆€6, can not make love on training days, especially before training.

銆€銆€For 3 months, if you have been thin for many years, you may wish to take out 3 months. According to this fitness fattening plan, you will feel different.

Do you know that surgery has something to lose weight?


Do you know that surgery has something to lose weight?

Surgical weight loss can be said to be the ultimate in weight loss. Using surgery to lose weight, the effect is the most obvious, but the cost is very large.

Is there some kind of surgery to lose weight?

Today, Xiao Bian recommended the surgical method, the slimming effect is very good.

銆€銆€ Surgical weight loss method for sleeve gastrectomy.

This method refers to the gastric antrum that retains 2-6 cm pylorus in the direction of the great curvature of the stomach, and becomes the long axis of the stomach to remove most of the stomach. The stomach bottom is completely removed, and the residual gastric cavity is 60-80 ml.

Surgical removal of 80%, reduce appetite, control the amount of implantation, reduce weight loss.

This method is very popular and the weight loss effect is obvious.

However, the subject still needs to control the diet.

Intemperate diet can affect weight loss.

銆€銆€ Stomach surgery, which is to build a stomach sac in the upper part of the stomach, to control the substitution of food, and then through a short empty stomach capsule, the food can bypass most of the stomach, the duodenum and the first jejunum.Control the absorption of food.

It can effectively reduce food intake and absorption, and the weight loss effect is very good. It has become the first major surgical method for weight loss.

銆€銆€ Gastric banding surgery.

It can also be called laparoscopic adjustable stomach band weight loss surgery, using laparoscopic surgery to bind the upper part of the stomach, and using silicone band to adjust the stomach space, the weight loss effect is ideal.

The operation is mainly suitable for obesity patients, and the treatment effect is ideal, and it is also suitable for ordinary weight-loss people.

銆€銆€ The water polo in the stomach, the principle of weight loss is to add silicon water polo into the stomach, inject saline into the water polo, fill the stomach, and use satiety to control appetite.

This method can also treat diabetic patients.

Many friends who want to lose weight will choose this method of surgery.