DIY8 slimming tea winter beauty skin beauty clear

Winter has arrived, we have to follow the season to lose weight, maybe in the cold weather, you are not interested in those diet recipes, how about the tea?

To add more water in the winter, why not lose weight while slimming?

The following small series will introduce you to 8 DIY slimming teas, so that you can purify your body in the winter and wear a thick dress to show your body.


Detoxifying beauty tea materials: dry osmanthus amount, stevia 3g, green tea 5g, honey amount.

  Production: Put osmanthus and green tea into the cup and brew with hot water.

Wait about three minutes, let the sweet-scented osmanthus taste, then add honey.

  Effect: Degrease and light body, stomach and stomach, can also detoxify and remove bad breath.


Banana green tea material: 1 banana, 5g green tea, honey.

  Production: Peel the banana and add it to the tea, then add some honey to mix it.

  Efficacy: hydrolyzed diuretic, swelling, laxative and so on.


Jackfruit tea material: black tea 5g, pineapple half, lemon peel called.

  Production: Dip the black tea bag into cold water, boil it, cool it, add the pineapple into the black tea, and add the lemon skin and mix well.

  Effect: It can clear the heat, digest the phlegm, and eliminate the edema.

Jujube rose hawthorn tea material: 10 jujubes, a small rose, about 3?
4 (preferably buy some broken, more brewing taste), 10 grams of hawthorn (about 8-10 pieces), 15-20 pieces of hazelnuts, 25 grams of lotus leaf powder, about three big ones (ifIf you are not a powder, you can use the whole lotus leaf.) Half a lemon: It is not replaced with a quarter of orange peel (10 grams). A small white chrysanthemum (4-6, a small one refers to the three)The amount of finger pinching) Practice: 1.

It is planned that the cold water of 1800CC will be red dates, roses, hawthorn, lotus leaf powder, and glutinous rice.

The chrysanthemums (these materials are all dry) are put out and boiled and placed on the fire until they are about 15 minutes old.


Then put the sliced lemon into it and turn it off for a minute.

Only tea is left, others can be dumped.

  Drinking method: You can put one or two cups a day. The stomach can adapt to tea. Since it is thin, you can extend the replacement time. You can drink it once or twice a week. You can drink both hot and cold.

After cooking the tea in the summer, put it in the refrigerator for use, and you can cool off.

  Effect: The tea can help digestion, eliminate unfortunate accumulation, appetite and spleen, and qi and blood.

In the process, you can still have a slimming effect without dieting.

  Many people know that catechins in tea have the effect of delaying aging, fighting cancer and scavenging free radicals. Therefore, more and more people like to drink tea, but you have to know that there are differences in the teas that are consumed in different seasons.In winter, it is not advisable to drink cold tea. You should drink some black tea that warms the stomach.

The benefits of paying attention to tea and drinking tea are explained to you today.


Aloe black tea material: 20 cm aloe vera, 1 pack of black tea, 1 teaspoon of honey, a small amount of chrysanthemum. Method: Peel the aloe vera, put it in boiling water, then add chrysanthemum, black tea bag and honey.

  Effect: It can improve cell regeneration, accelerate the burning of adults, enhance the metabolism of the human body, and is of great help to beauty and body.


Bitter gourd tea material: 1 bitter gourd, the right amount of tea: After the bitter gourd is washed, cut it from the middle, add the tea after seeding, and then tie it with a thin wire and hang it in a ventilated place.

After completely drying for two weeks, remove the chopped, stir well, and take a small amount each time to brew with tea in boiling water.

  Effect: bitter gourd bitter gourd has the effect of cooling and quenching thirst, nourishing the skin and promoting metabolism.

It also contains a lot of clear fat, which is one of the best foods for weight loss.

Suitable for office workers, students and housewives who have the least amount of exercise and are prone to gain weight.

  7.Lavender Mint Tea Ingredients: Lavender, 3 grams of mint leaves, honey amount.

  Method: Put lavender and mint leaves in the cup.

Add 200 ml of boiling water and brew for about 5 minutes. Then add honey and mix thoroughly.

  Effect: The lotus leaf has been used as a slimming medicine since ancient times. It can clear fire, diuretic, clear fat, laxative, etc., so Xiao Bian specially recommended lavender mint tea, because it is not only delicious, but also beautiful.

Lavender is very beautiful when it is rippling in the water.


Peach mint tea ingredients: 10 grams of dried peach, 5 grams of mint leaves, 2 black tea bags.

  System of law: 1.

Wash dried peach and mint leaves for later use.


Add black tea, dried peach and mint leaves to the cup, add 200 ml of boiling water, and cover for about 10 minutes to replace it.

  Effect: Mint has many benefits. It is good for obesity, diabetes, etc. It can be greasy and of course refreshing.