Office workers four strokes easy health care


Office workers four strokes easy health care

[One style]straight in the song (sitting work) 1.

Sit down, do not back, hands naturally relax on the legs, mix thoroughly.


Slowly inhale with your nose, make a fist, and insert your fists into the body.


Elbows, chest, waist straight, head tilted back.


Then exhale with your nose, put your neck and hands down, and slowly open your hands.


With the palms down, the head is back, the original posture is restored, and the whole body is relaxed.

銆€銆€Reminder: 7 times per practice, 3-4 times a day.

Keep steady during practice, correct, easy, move and ease, you can breathe in the middle, you can’t be angry.

銆€銆€[Two styles]and the capital of the capital (sitting work) 1.

Sit up straight, put your arms around your head and keep your breath breathing.


Inhale with your nose, raise your head and arms, and straighten your chest.


Exhale, the head is low, the body shape slowly bends downwards, and the relaxation makes the back spine smooth.

銆€銆€Reminder: Generally, you can do it 6 times back and forth, depending on your physical condition.

It should be slow, careful, and not urgent.

銆€銆€[Three styles]Ping Yi (鐢╂墜鍔?1.

Relaxed and breathed naturally; feet are parallel and wide.


Raise your arms to your shoulders and let them fall naturally.


When the fourth step is continued, the arm and the knee are simultaneously flexed.

銆€銆€Reminder: If you are tired of practicing any exercises, you can insert the flat movements at the right time until you are tired and then reply to the original action.

This action can remove toxicity in the body.

銆€銆€[Four styles]Shoot 1

The front side naturally sways up and down, actually flat.


Turn around with your waist, relax your back, and swing your arms like a wave drum, and pat the trouser pocket (ie 鑳?.

銆€銆€Reminder: This type of exercise can help the abdominal organs, after drinking, you can drink some warm water.

Do not force to beat, so as not to hurt the body.