Fighting epidemic 丨 Marathon postponed, canceled, shrinking has become the norm

Fighting “epidemic” 丨 Marathon postponed, canceled, shrinking has become the norm
Due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, represented by the Wuhan Marathon, Chongqing Marathon and other IAAF gold standard events, dozens of domestic marathon events have been affected and must be postponed or canceled.According to the statistics of Sauna and Yeewang, 37 signing events certified by the World Federation of Athletics Federations or China Association of Athletics Associations were affected by the epidemic from the beginning of February to the end of April this year. Among them, 27 events have been postponed, 4 events have been cancelled, and 6 events have notAn external announcement occurred.In addition, the outbreak continued to spread overseas. In addition, the Tokyo Marathon, Seoul Marathon, Pyongyang Marathon and other well-known events in East Asia countries were cancelled or scaled. The multiple marathons in Europe and the United States were also greatly affected.The prospects for the grand slam events of the London Marathon and the Boston Marathon have also become less clear.丨 The 37 domestic signage events took place on January 23, the Chinese Association for Field Affairs issued a notice on strengthening the prevention and control of the new coronavirus for the marathon event, notifying the requirements for the marathon and related sports events conducted before April 30, “The organizing committee should actively communicate with the government and relevant departments in the host area, listen to opinions, and objectively conduct risk assessments.If the hidden risk is ill, you can reduce the hidden risk by means of ex situ, expansion, cancellation, etc.”In the past month, the Incident and Incident Group Committee has successively issued announcements, announcing the extension of the incident, cancelling or to be determined, and explaining the registration fees, quota and other related issues of concern to runners, and proposing corresponding solutions.Among them, multiple field signage events certified by the World Federation of Athletics Federations and China Association of Athletics Associations were affected.According to the statistics of Sauna and Yewang, from the beginning of February to the end of April this year, there have been 37 IAAF or Chinese IAAF-certified sign competitions, including 3 IAAF gold standard events and 1 silver standard event.3 bronze medal events.The above 37 games all belong to the Chinese Association of Athletic Association’s signing events, including 13 gold medal events, 12 silver medal events, and 12 bronze medal events.”According to the relevant requirements of the China Athletics Association and the Wuhan New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, the Wuhan Marathon originally scheduled for April 12, 2020 will be postponed to the second half of the year, with specific time notice.”” As the IAAF Bronze Label Competition, the Chinese IAAF Gold Medal event, the Wuhan Marathon announced an extension on February 26, and promised to retain the entry quota or unconditionally refund the registration fee.Similar to the practice of the Wuhan Marathon Organizing Committee, most other events have been announced to be postponed or cancelled.In addition to the Dongying Marathon, the Chongqing Marathon and the Wuxi Marathon have all been confirmed for the 7 events certified by the IAAF; the 13 Gold Medals certified by the Chinese Association of Athletics Federations, of which 12 have been postponed; the Yuan’an Field Marathon in Yichang, Hubei, HubeiJingyang ‘s Shayang Banma is a gold and silver event certified by the Chinese Association of Athletics Associations. It has announced the cancellation of this year ‘s event. Wuxi, Jiangsu ‘s Yixing Marathon and Yangshan Banma also announced the suspension of this year ‘s event.丨 The number of events in East Asia and Japan is one of the largest and first to be affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The marathon event in Japan has also experienced a stage from substitution to substitution.On February 27, including the Kyoto Marathon and the Kumamoto City Marathon, there were more than ten marathon events in Japan as usual, with a total of more than 10 participants.However, through the continuous spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in Japan, the organizing committees of major events began to continuously improve the prevention and control measures for the epidemic.Taking the Grand Slam Tokyo Marathon as the representative, the organizing committee first issued an announcement for Chinese runners, suggesting that Chinese runners voluntarily give up the competition and promised to postpone the quota until 2021. After several changes, due to the severe epidemic momentum, the finalIt is not announced to cancel the popular group competition, only the elite group of about 200 people is retained, and the final game will be held on March 1 as scheduled.It is neither a cancellation nor an extension. The reason why the Tokyo Marathon is just a scale is actually due to its special reasons. Since many marathons in early March are related to the selection of Olympic marathon places, the elite group must be retained.Facts have proved that the Tokyo Marathon on March 1st produced a new Japanese national record, and Da Yujie won the last place in the men’s group.In the Nagoya Women’s Marathon on March 8, Yishan Maxu also sent a buzzer to get the Olympic tickets.Slightly different from the situation in Japan, the spread of the epidemic in South Korea has become more serious, and the number of confirmed cases remains high, and the impact of the internal marathon is natural.The Platinum Marathon Seoul Marathon, originally scheduled for March 22nd, has been cancelled a few days ago. The Silver Label Daegu Marathon scheduled for April 5th has to be cancelled.The 2020 Los Angeles Marathon will continue to run as usual, surpassing 2.50,000 people participated.丨 European and American Poma and other competitions are still watching the Italian local time on the evening of March 9th. Italian Prime Minister Conte issued a televised speech to prevent the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and to implement the closure of the country from the 10th.The ban also includes that from the 10th, all national sports events within the Serie A will be suspended.The outbreak also affected the marathon in Italy.Recently, as the largest and most well-known marathon event in Italy, the 2020 Rome Marathon, originally scheduled for March 29, has been cancelled; the Milan Marathon is another silver standard event in Italy, scheduled for April 5The cancellation of the Milan Marathon is also a foregone conclusion.According to reports, in addition to Italy, Spain, France, Germany and other European Union offices where the epidemic has spread ferociously, the situation is also severe.As of March 10, confirmed diagnoses of new coronary pneumonia occurred in 27 destinations in Europe, and marathons in some countries were forced to be replaced or cancelled at the same time.The Paris Marathon Organizing Committee recently announced that the 2020 Paris Marathon will be extended from April 5 to October 18, and the Paris Half Marathon will also be extended to antiques.The 2020 Barcelona Marathon was originally scheduled for March 15th. Affected by the epidemic in Spain, the organizing committee decided that this year’s competition will be held until October 25th.Under certain circumstances, although the epidemic situation is not very optimistic, some marathons in the United States are still antiques as scheduled.On March 8, local time, the 2020 Los Angeles Marathon started as usual, surpassing 2.Five people participated. To ensure the safety of the competition, local health officials proposed to the participants to wash their hands before the competition and not share supplies with others. However, the safety of the competition was challenged by siege.According to the IAAF calendar schedule, on April 20 and 26, the Boston Marathon and the London Marathon will be successively carried out.The London Marathon Organizing Committee Democracy has issued a statement, “We are paying attention to the development of the outbreak and translating it into guidance and advice provided by the British government, the World Health Organization and other British public agencies.The Boston Marathon Organizing Committee stated that this year’s event will continue as usual.However, the prospects for the development of the epidemic in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Kingdom are still unknown. If the outbreak cannot be effectively controlled in time, there are certain variables whether the above-known marathon grand slam events can be antique as scheduled.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Wang Xihuang proofreading Lu Qian