Ten minutes of refreshing sex skills


Ten minutes of refreshing sex skills

10 minutes refreshing – Applicable to: Before going to work, there is a very passionate way called “Jiujiu One”, which is derived from Taoism.

They believe that the number 9 has a mysterious power.

銆€銆€In sexual intercourse, he should first insert 7 times shallowly – only let the tip of the penis enter yours – then 2 times deep insertion; the next time replace 6 shallow insertions and 3 deep insertions; continue to change shallow insertion and deepInsert the number until it reaches 9 depths.

銆€銆€20 minutes fascination – for: re-raising sex is a good way to communicate with the heart, not only can cultivate your sexual feelings, but also make you two people emotionally closer, the two are lying in bed – comfortable pajamas,Either don’t wear it.

Four hands are handed over, four eyes are opposite, and they begin to breathe together.

When you breathe, he exhales, and when you exhale, he breathes.

Don’t be individual, focus on what he means to you and why both of you are together.

At first you may feel stupid and even laugh, but it doesn’t matter, usually after this stage you will have the feeling that “I want to make love, I want you to enter my body.

“Once you have this idea, “I care about you,” your sex will become more exciting.