Many new Warner films including the new Batman are affected by the epidemic

Many new Warner films including the new “Batman” are affected by the epidemic
The new version of “Batman” stills.The picture comes from the online sauna night network news. On April 21, according to foreign media reports, Robert Pattinson starred in the new version of “Batman”, “Thunder Shazan 2”, unnamed Elvis biography and many new Warner films.The epidemic affected the announcement to change the file.The situation of the modified film is as follows: the original version of the new version of “Batman” is June 25, 2021, now it is changed to October 1, 2021; the original file of “The Flash” is July 1, 2022, and it is now advanced to 2022June 3, 2014; “Thunder Shazan 2” was originally dated April 1, 2022, and is now known to November 4, 2022; the original date of the Elvis biography was October 1, 2021, now replaced to 2021.November 5, 2010; “The King Richard” starring Will Smith was originally scheduled for November 25, 2020, and is now until November 19, 2021; the film “Newark All Saints”》 The original date is September 25, 2020, and it is now supplemented to March 12, 2021.However, the new film “Creed” (July 17) directed by Nolan has not been changed, and the new period of “Wonder Woman 2” (August 14) has not overlapped.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Liu Jun