Sauna day, drink more water to prevent heatstroke?

“Sauna day”, drink more water to prevent heatstroke?

He Lifu, chief forecaster of the Central Meteorological Observatory, said in an interview with the high temperature weather in the north yesterday that the north heat and high temperature are different from the hot and hot weather in the south. The intensity of ultraviolet rays will be very strong, and excessive ultraviolet rays may cause skin diseases or skin cancer.Special reminders to the majority of netizens, to strengthen the sunscreen work.
銆€銆€He Lifu suggested that people should choose the right time to go out, and should try to reduce the outdoor activities or homework in the afternoon high temperature period.
銆€銆€Outdoor workers need to wear loose, breathable and light-colored clothes, take necessary heatstroke prevention measures, carry necessary sunshade tools, avoid direct sunlight, and shorten working hours to ensure adequate sleep.Take a break.
銆€銆€In addition, when the temperature is too high, when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, the external temperature is close to the human body temperature, and even exceeds the normal temperature of the human body, which may cause the body temperature regulation disorder.
It mainly affects the convection and radiation heat dissipation of the human body, so that the body heat accumulates, the body temperature rises, and heat stroke is prone to occur.
For the elderly and friends with weak constitution, especially in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, digestive system and liver, kidney and other diseases, we should try to reduce the residence time in high temperature environment, pay attention to heatstroke and cool down, drink boiled water and replenish body water.
銆€銆€He Lifu said that when the temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius or above, it is recommended that sports-loving friends stop exercising and maintain adequate drinking water. At the same time, they should carry some routine heatstroke prevention drugs such as Rendan, Fengyoujing, Qingliang Oil, Huoxiang Zhengqi Water.
銆€銆€In addition, it is recommended that you adjust the indoor air conditioning temperature to 26 degrees Celsius to avoid air conditioning disease caused by excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.