A sister’s paper became like this after boiling water with wormwood.



A sister’s paper became like this after boiling water with wormwood.


I remember that when I was young, there was wormwood in front of the house.

Mom will say that these are all treasures. At that time, I didn’t understand. When I grew up, I really knew.

However, I believe that many people are only ignorant of wormwood, so let’s make up the class today!

Every time the Qingming Dragon Boat Festival, people always put wormwood in their homes to “avoid evil spirits”. After drying, they are used to boil water and fumigation children to stop itching and go to the throat. The mothers use wormwood boiled water to bathe or fumigation, sweating and vomiting, and wormwoodThe medicinal and culinary value is also very high, and it is also used to make food such as cakes for the purpose of raising and growing.

The benefits of wormwood medicinal value: wormwood can be used as medicine, with warming, dehumidification, cold, hemostasis, anti-inflammatory, antiasthmatic, antitussive, expectant, anti-allergic and so on.

It has been proved by modern medical research that Ai Ye has antibacterial and antiviral effects; antiasthmatic, antitussive and expectorant effects; hemostasis and anticoagulant effects; sedative and anti-allergic effects;

Edible value: wormwood can be used as “Aiye tea”, “Ai Ye Tang”, “Ai Ye porridge” and other recipes to enhance the body’s resistance to disease.

The special scent unique to wormwood has the effect of repelling insects. Therefore, the ancients often hang wormwood in front of the door, which is used to ward off evil and used to drive away mosquitoes.

In addition to cooking wormwood, there is one simplest way to use wormwood, which is to use wormwood to boil water!

What magical effect will it have?

What can the boiled water do?

The following is for you to reveal?
Ai grass boiled water amazing use boiled water wash head has oil, itching, anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss and other effects; wormwood’s main effect, qi and blood, warm meridians, phlegm and dampness, pain relief, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, promote circulation, qi.

Since there is “antibacterial, anti-inflammatory”, the effect of itching and dandruff is very good, the key point is not to hurt the hair and scalp!

Practice: cook a bowl of wormwood water with wormwood, the thicker the better; align the entire scalp with wormwood water, then wrap the hair with a towel, so that the wormwood water is kept on the scalp for 10 minutes; with shampooOr rinse with warm water; “Ten fingers are comb” and repeatedly comb the hair 100 times with your fingers.

In the initial period, wash your head with wormwood water for about 3 times a week: Wait until the head is not oily, the head is not itchy, and when the chips are missing, you can wash it 1-2 times a week, so that the maintenance of the entire scalp and hair is very good.

Washing hair with wormwood for 1 time, the basic scalp does not itch: insist on washing 3 times the basic dandruff is gone; persist for 3 months, it seems that more and more velvet hair, the previous headaches are also a lot better!

Pediatric boiled water bath, itching scorpion summer baby long scorpion is normal, but novice mother will have a better way than the urgency, if you use the toilet water for the baby, the scorpion powder is still not good, then you do not hinder cookingPotted wormwood water washes the baby, it should be very good after 2 times!

Practice: use 30 grams of wormwood and water to cook in the pot for 15 minutes, the thicker the better; after the wormwood water is warmed, directly wipe the wormwood with a towel dipped in wormwood water; then pour the wormwood waterInto the basin, adjust the water temperature, give the baby a bath; remember: after washing your baby with wormwood, do not use any shower gel or water to rinse!

Ai grass blisters feet, kidney and cold have a miraculous effect to take Ai Ye 50?
100 grams, put in the iron basin and add water to boil, then pour into the tub, it is best to use the tub, not iron basin or aluminum basin, because the metal is cold, not conducive to warming.

Note on the foot bath After the water temperature rises by about 40 掳C, you can start to soak your feet. The amount of water must be at least immersed in the entire instep. You can go to the foot above, allow the following, the bathing time is about half an hour, during whichIf the water is cold, add some hot water, soaking it to the slightest sweat is the best, then add some water.

When the feet are soaked, the time of the feet is also stressful: for example, if you want to warm the kidney yang, you can choose to be around 21 o’clock in the evening, because the kidney blood is weaker at this time, at this time, the feet are increased, the body volume is increased, the blood vessels in the bodyWill expand, is conducive to blood circulation, promote blood circulation and metabolism in the body.

The nerves that are tense during the day and the kidneys that have been tired for a day can be completely relaxed and fully adjusted at this time.

After the bubble is finished, you can also do a proper foot massage for a few minutes to further relieve the organs.

The ancients also pay attention to flowers and plants, they will add other flowers and plants in the leaves of the leaves according to the specific conditions of the body, for the treatment.

For example: cold, cold, joint pain, bronchitis, can add ginger; varicose veins, peripheral neuritis, numbness of hands and feet, can add safflower; red eyes, toothache, upset, upset, cold, feet and legs swollen, can add salt; foot sweat, foot odor, athlete’s foot, eczema, can add pepper.

and many more.

The wormwood can also be used to make tea and drink. It is good to get rid of the cold and wet effect in the body, especially in the white-collar beauty in the air-conditioned room. If you feel that the ginger date tea is troublesome, then drink wormwood tea.