Wang Xun’s Liberation · Endgame Rescue Scouts: Desire to challenge roles outside comedy

Wang Xun’s “Liberation · Endgame Rescue” Scouts: Desire to challenge roles outside comedy
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) On December 28, the war film “Liberation · Endgame Rescue” starring Li Shaohong as director and chief director, Chang Xiaoyang as director, actor Zhong Hanliang, Zhou Wei, Zhong Chuxi, Wang Xun and othersLater referred to as “liberation”) is being released.The scout Ma Baoshu played by Wang Xun ushered in a different role than before.After the movie was released, Sauna Yee chatted with him about the filming experience.Wang Xun plays the reconnaissance scout Ma Baoshu.For Wang Xun, who once had the experience of being a soldier, playing this role as a reconnaissance scout is truly a dream of his own.He said that he had not played the People’s Liberation Army in the movie before. When this character came to him, he was very excited. In the film, Cai Xingfu (Monday Enclosure), who is always with the old partner company commander, rushed to the front line, not only to protect the interests of the people, but also to fight against the enemy camp regardless of personal safety and to compete for the victory of the war.Wang Xun said that because of his experience as a soldier, he became an instructor at the scene, and members of the team often asked him to learn from it.Dialogue with Sauna Night Network: What do you think is the difference between “Liberation and Endgame Rescue”?Wang Xun: It should be its perspective and sentiment. The average person at least writes about friendship, that is, patriotic sacrifice of love, or She Xiaojia ‘s dedication to everyone.But this time I wrote about the relationship between father and son, and the relationship between father and daughter, which reflects people more truly and conquers the audience with humanity.Cai Xingfu and Ma Baoshu (first left) kidnap Yao Zhe.Sauna Night Net: Everyone sees you come to think of many comedy images, and it is even hard to imagine you playing such a more orthodox, serious role. Are you worried that others will label you?Wang Xun: As an actor, you do this job by accepting judgment from others. How you view your screen image depends on his personal interests.When the audience watches the movie, his mood and his life experience are completely different, so this is normal.I’m afraid that you have exhausted your role, and no one talks about it.It is a good thing to talk about it, and there are good and bad evaluations. If you think he is right, accept it.Sauna Night Net: Will you select some scripts that are different from the previous ones at this stage?Will you desire?Wang Xun: Of course I am eager, but there are really not many resources. Just like “Liberation” can find me, I am very happy.You must also try to perform a show and show the other side to the audience.Being able to perform differently in genre roles is another wonderful thing.So don’t hinder yourself because of limitations, try any type boldly, and failure is normal.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Li Ming