Aphrodisiac qigong


Aphrodisiac qigong

First, the infuriating operation method has the function of strengthening the kidney and nourishing the brain. After the governor alternates, the infuriating gas runs in the governor’s vein (small Zhoutian), and the heads of Baihui and Dantian produce mutually attracting magnetic forces, such kidneys.Zhongyuan Yinyuan can reach the marrow and replenish the brain. The essence of the five internal organs is returned to Dantian, supplementing the kidney essence, complementing each other and complementing each other, so that the human body will return from strength to decline.

銆€銆€From a physiological point of view, after the crossing of the Du Meridian, it can trigger mutual stimulation between the adrenal gland and the pituitary gland, mutual nourishment, and vigorous vitality.

銆€銆€As early as in the early Warring States period, there was a record of infuriating movements in the “Jing Qi Yu Pei Ming”. The inside pointed out: “The gas is deep – the depth is stored, the storage is extended, the extension is below, the lower is fixed, the fixed is solid, and the solid is fixed.Meng, Meng is long, long is retreating, retreat is no, there are few piles on the top, the ground is piled down, the Shun is born, the reverse is dead.

“After the perineum, the tail, hit the door backwards, the ridges up, through the jade pillow straight to the mind, and then down the Dantian, called Xiao Zhoutian.

The practice method is introduced as follows: The first step: exhale and pay attention to the heart and socket method: take the station, sit, horizontal, lips slightly closed, the tongue is squatting, the eyes are slightly closed, and the distracting thoughts are eliminated.

First pay attention to the tip of the nose, then close the eye inside the heart, listen to your exhalation with your ears, do not make a loud voice, while exhaling at the same time as the exhalation tends to the heart.

For a long time, the infuriating is concentrated in the heart.

If you still have troubles, you can use the “counting method”.

That is to say, the exhalation is silent, and then the exhalation is silent, so that the number is up to ten, and then from repeated operations until the distraction no longer rises, the number of interest rates can be abandoned.

After entering the silence, you should enter Dantian when you exhale, and don’t bother with the voice.

Time: 1 time in the morning, evening, and evening, a total of 3 times, every 20 minutes, generally work carefully, 10 days to complete the first step.

銆€銆€Reaction: When you practice for 3-5 days, you will feel heavy heart; 5-10 days, every time you exhale, you will feel the heat flow into the heart, which is the expression of the concentration of the gas.

銆€銆€Effect: Because I am not used to it for a few days, I feel dizzy, my back is sore, and my breathing is unnatural. This is a natural phenomenon. Don’t worry, as long as you keep exercising, you will become natural.

銆€銆€The second step: the intention to follow the Dantian approach: When the initial effort is to practice each exhalation, that is, after the heart is hot, you can follow along, and you should extend the process of sinking when you exhale, slowly step by step.Naturally carried out to the lower abdomen (Dantian).

Don’t be too hasty, if you use too much force, you can feel uncomfortable.

Time: 3 times a day, 25-35 minutes each time, 10 days can be suffocating.

銆€銆€Reaction: Every time the voice is heard, a heat flow is sent to Dantian. The lower abdomen sometimes makes a sound, and the peristalsis increases, and the qi phenomenon occurs.

This is the performance of the true gas transported to the lower abdomen, the intestinal function changes, and the evil spirits are expelled.

銆€銆€Effect: Since the instinct has passed through the stomach area, the function of the spleen and stomach has been improved. After the infuriating sun has entered the Dantian, the surrounding organs (such as the large intestine, bladder, kidney, etc.) have undergone physiological changes, and generally the appetite is improved.Abnormal bowel movements have improved.

銆€銆€The third step: adjusting the interest and concentrating on the Dantian method: When the second step has a clear feeling to Dantian, you can stop the breath intentionally or unintentionally in Dantian.

Don’t pay too much attention to exhale and send it down, so as not to cause too much heat and damage the Yin fluid.

You can breathe naturally, and only keep your mind in the Dantian area.

銆€銆€Time: 3 times a day, each time to more than half an hour.

This section is in the stage of cultivating strength in Dantian, and the time required is prolonged. It can be felt that the lower abdomen is full and powerful in about 40 days.

銆€銆€Reaction: Based on the second step of gas-sinking dantian, the fever of the lower abdomen is obvious. After ten days, the airflow is formed in the lower abdomen, the conversion of kungfu is deepened, the airflow is getting bigger and bigger, and the strength of the lower abdomen is enriched.

After the power is saved, you can move to the downstream. At this moment, the practitioner sometimes feels itchy genitals, perineal beating, and waist fever. The above feelings may appear different from person to person.

銆€銆€Effect: Because Renmai is smooth, heart and kidney meet, and the gas is strong, so the mind is safe and asleep.

Through the practice of work to continuously increase the heat energy to the gastrointestinal tract, the spleen and stomach digestion capacity is enhanced, weight gain, full of energy, sufficient vitality, enhanced renal function, a certain effect on impotence, and a certain effect on women’s irregular menstruation.

The fourth step: the governor does not forget the method of helplessness: 40 days after the intention to defend Dantian, the true gas is enriched to a certain extent. When there is enough power, it is going up the spine. When going up, the consciousness should be accompanied by the infuriating), if the infuriating stops somewhere, don’t use the consciousness to guide upwards (do not help).

The speed of this upward speed is determined by the power of Dantian.

If the strength is not enough, it will stop and move.

After the power of Dantian is enriched, it will naturally continue to rise.

If you are eager to clear the customs and work hard to guide you, it will be out of touch with Dantian forces. This is very harmful.

Therefore, it is necessary to let it be natural, and the infuriating activity is not transferred by the will of the human being.

If you go up to the jade pillow, the internal head item will pass.

銆€銆€Time: The number of sittings can be increased as appropriate, and each time should be extended to 40 minutes or an hour.

Since the customs clearance time varies from person to person, some people pass through it in an instant, so that the force is very strong and the vibration is great.

Someone has to pass several hours or days to pass.Most are in a week or so.

銆€銆€Response: On the basis of the third step, the practitioners consciously enriched Dan Tian, the full abdomen was full, the perineum was beating, the back waist was hot, and the life of the life at the gate (ie 鈥渒idney qi鈥? was the strength of the stock along the spine.

Before the Governor’s pulse was not passed, there was always a feeling of upward dialing in the vicinity, and there was a feeling of hooping on the right side. This is a phenomenon that must exist before the Governor.

Some people encounter situations, often produce fear and fear, and they dare not practice again. It is a pity that they have to give up their efforts.

At this stage, we must adhere to the practice. Once the Governor passes, it is naturally relaxed and happy. The Governor is a leap, so it is called 鈥渢he gas is skyrocketing鈥?

銆€銆€Effect: After the Governor’s pulse is smooth, a true breath enters Dantian, and a breath of infuriating into the mind, a call to form a Ren Duo cycle.

At this time, you can appreciate the true meaning of “breathing the spirit, keeping the gods alone.”

The spirit constantly replenishes the brain and the function of the cerebral cortex is enhanced.

Symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia and forgetfulness, backache and soft legs caused by kidney essence gradually disappear.

銆€銆€The fifth step: the method of life-saving energy-saving machine: generally still intends to keep Dantian.

After the governor, each meridian has been opened.

If there is activity in the head of the Baihui hole, you can keep your head.

Flexibility to master, that is, “there is a desire to see, no desire to see the wonderful” is also the treatment of different stages of practice.

銆€銆€Time: 3 times a day, each time more than 1 hour, the longer the time, the better.

It takes about a month or so, and all kinds of touch phenomena can gradually disappear, leaving only the strength of the remaining Dantian and Shangdantian to be more concentrated and vigorous.

銆€銆€Response: In the thousands of years before and after the passage of the Governor’s vein, the whole body often seems to have a flow of movement, and the skin is itchy like a crawling, etc. This is a manifestation of the smoothness of the meridians and the strong gas.

In this case, don’t deliberately pursue, and don’t panic. If you sit down with peace of mind, you will naturally calm down.

When sitting in a very quiet state, the above phenomenon disappears, and the nasal breath is slight. If there is no such thing, the internal instinct is more concentrated.

銆€銆€Effect: The more gas is over-redundant, the more fully the metabolic function of compensating and enhancing the body, so that the human vitality is strong, the immunity against disease is enhanced, the pathogenic factors are greatly reduced and eliminated, the dysentery is cured, and the exercise can be healthy and beneficial.Longevity.

銆€銆€The above five steps are gradual, and there are three different changes in the body during the entire infuriating process.

The first, second, and third steps are to adjust the breathing to promote the infuriating.

The intrinsic gas in the body is concentrated in Dantian. This stage is called 鈥減racticing refined gas鈥? This is the first stage. The fourth step uses the instinct of Dantian’s savings to rush through the Du Meridian and reach the mind.””, this is the second stage; after the fifth step, the kungfu is more sophisticated, because the meridian is unimpeded, the infuriating is running freely, this is the advanced stage, called “practice is still virtual”, master the five steps of the infuriating operationThree stages can be effective.

銆€銆€Second, Breathing Yishen Method Breathing Yishen Method is an ancient Chinese rejuvenation technique. First, the dirty air in the body is discharged, and then the fresh air is sucked in. This breathing method is called 鈥渟piting the new鈥?and is also the method of breathing and benefiting the kidney.The basics.

銆€銆€Breathing can make people’s health, prevent diseases, the elderly can prevent aging, achieve the effect of rejuvenating and rejuvenating, and vigorous sexual function.


Abdominal Breathing: With both hands under the navel, you can easily detect the inside of the air.

The posture can stand up, slowly absorb oxygen, and then spit it out in an instant.

After getting used to the abdominal breathing method, seek the spirit again.

As long as you have time, you can do it for 2 or 3 minutes at any time.

This method allows the abdominal muscles to fully contract and relax, which can accelerate blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis in the abdominal cavity and mesentery.

After continuing for two weeks, the body will naturally feel refreshed, the appetite will increase, and the skin will be rosy.


Sucking and swelling method: This kind of breathing method is the reverse breathing method of the above-mentioned abdominal breathing method. The ancient Chinese immortal is the secret method of longevity and rejuvenation.

銆€銆€First sit in a chair, or take a standing position, initially discharge the dirty air in the lungs, then relax the muscles to eliminate the body strength, and then try to inhale, and then force the abdomen to the maximum extent.

Then relax the shoulders, expand the abdomen, and slowly spit out the air. After repeated practice for 2 or 3 times, you can simply use this method.

銆€銆€In addition, be careful to inhale the tip of the tongue behind the upper teeth, completely inhaling the nose; when exhaling, the tongue should be attached to the lower jaw to exhale from the mouth.

Practice this method, be mentally focused, and make yourself feel the airflow to every corner of the body.

銆€銆€Third, the anus and kidney method This levator ani exercise is very simple.

First sit in the chair, concentrate the spirit, close your eyes, then slowly apply force on the anus, and then use a breath to tighten it, just like the essential way to stop when urinating.

Immediately, the force is relaxed, the anus is relaxed, the anus is contracted again, and relaxed, so that it is proficient for 3 minutes.銆€銆€When the anus contracts, the penis will increase, like a bow-like feeling, practice many times a day, the sphincter will become stronger, and the erection can be as desired.

The levator ani exercise is not able to stretch, and it has the effect of longevity and youthfulness.