Winter stomach fire constipation does not hinder drinking a cup of wheat winter tea


Winter stomach fire constipation does not hinder drinking a cup of wheat winter tea

The most direct symptom of the winter gastrointestinal spleen is that the mouth is bitter and dry, the stool is dry, causing difficulty in defecation and constipation.

Want to improve the constipation caused by stomach fire, do not hinder the brewing of a cup of wheat winter tea to replace.

Ophiopogon japonicus is a traditional Chinese medicine. Its taste is sweet and light, which can relieve constipation in the intestines.

Ume wheat winter tea ingredients: 100 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, 30 grams of ebony, water, honey, the right amount of practice: 1, will be washed with Ophiopogon japonicus and ebony, Ume with a knife to open, the wheat winter and ebony into the casserole;Add 1000 ml of water, boil over low heat and cook until low heat until the material is cooked. 3. After the wheat and ebony are removed, filter the layer with gauze and filter the slag thoroughly.When it is cool to about 40 degrees, you can replace it with a spoonful of honey.

First, Ophiopogon japonicus with ebony Shengjin quenches thirst to solve secret secrets Ophiopogon aka, also known as along the grass, book with grass, Maimendong, inch winter, etc., is a traditional Chinese medicine, its sweet, slightly bitter, slightly cold,Heart, lung, stomach, often used for dry lung cough, yin deficiency, sore throat, Tianjin wound thirst, internal heat and thirst, upset insomnia, intestinal dry constipation embolism.

Ume sour, sputum, sexual flat, can astringe the lungs and intestines, Shengjin Anzhen, used for lung deficiency and chronic cough, fever and polydipsia, Huowang constipation embolism.

The combination of ebony and Ophiopogon japonicus is a common formula. Ophiopogon japonica with ebony can be acidified and yin-yellow, and the effect of thirst-quenching and thirst is remarkable. The stomach caused by external sensation, such as stomach and stomach, or thirst or internal injury, is mild and mild.Pick, and ebony can be sputum solid and take off, and the yin winter saves the yin to moisten dryness, for long-term diarrhea and longevity, large intestine and Jin.

From a nutritional point of view, Umuri’s malic acid guides the right amount of water to the large intestine, forming feces and excreting it. In addition, the ebony contains certain supplemental fibers. In order to promote peristalsis, there is a certain benefit in speeding up bowel movements.
Second, the total constipation may not be due to the “hot” autumn and winter season due to dry weather, coupled with less sweating, so people’s water absorption will be greatly reduced in summer, but will also be eliminated due to the body’s natural metabolism.Many of the water, so often due to insufficient water intake caused by its dry, “fire” symptoms, and water deficiency is often one of the leading causes of constipation, people often take the fire as the primary treatment of constipation.
After constipation in autumn and winter, people habitually feel that constipation is because they get angry. Just drink more water and even eat some drugs that clear fire and reduce fire.

In reality, however, constipation is a symptom that can be caused by a number of causes, including the initiation of some diseases and constipation, which in turn can lead to a significant increase in the risk of illness.

Therefore, if constipation is often cured for a long time, it is recommended not to buy a gunpowder to eat, but it is best to go to the hospital for treatment, and then prescribe the right medicine.