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Xu Xiaodong in the “Wulin” vortex: Actually I was alive but I just put on a mask
He tried to become a tide by hitting counterfeiters but fell into a state of confusion. On the evening of May 19, Xu Xiaodong, who wears a Spartan helmet, participated in a commentary on a fighting competition.Photography|China News Weekly reporter Liu Yuanhang Xu Xiaodong in the martial arts whirlpool after the evening, the fighting game continued.The men who were not favored by everyone dodge continuously, waiting for the machine to shoot. Suddenly, the opponent who is nearly one meter nine in height fell down and the contest ended.  Xu Xiaodong, who participated in the on-site commentary, made an unbelievable look, and the crowd on the scene also continuously made a marvel.He aimed at the Spartan-style prop helmet, constantly mobilizing the emotions of the audience in the live and live broadcasts in the corners of the game, and occasionally carried out self-deprecation.Do you know who I am?He incorporated a little helplessness into the cheerful tone, suggesting that he had been banned.In fact, I am still alive, just put on the mask.  After all the games ended, people dispersed one after another, and Xu Xiaodong sat on the sofa, still busy.Unlike the image of the madman on the Internet, Xu Xiaodong in reality is very friendly, sometimes even deliberately humble, and hangs you and you on the phone.Now, his voice is a little tired, and there is a clear sense of proportion in the rivers and lakes, but occasionally there will still be a trace of resentment.If the whole thing can be repeated again, I will definitely not curse casually as before.He told China News Weekly that there are too many turtles, and at the first glance I judged that I was not a good thing.  On April 27, a video with a length of only 20 seconds quickly swept the Internet.In the video, Tai Chi fighter Lei Lei was quickly knocked down by Xu Xiaodong and had almost no chance of parry.The media quickly dispatched after hearing the news, describing the game as a contest between traditional martial arts and modern boxing.Xu Xiaodong, who was originally just evidence to fight fraud, even aimed at many famous people in the field of traditional martial arts.For a time, Xu Xiaodong was in the limelight, and was considered to have removed the mask of traditional martial arts, but he became a public enemy of martial arts.  Although Xu Xiaodong had foreseen that he would be deeply hated by many people, the progress of the matter soon exceeded his control.As if overnight, Xu Xiaodong disappeared from the Internet.For almost two weeks, he did not accept any interviews.Will turn over, do you believe it?Xu Xiaodong sat on the sofa, turned to a young man beside him, and asked in the tone of the underworld brother, as if he already had a positive answer in his heart.How did the contest become a private fight?  On the afternoon of May 5, after attending a show, Xu Xiaodong suddenly vocalized on Weibo, claiming to be surrounded by seven disciples of Chen Xiaowang, the head of Chen Style Taijiquan, and has called the police.His assistant then contacted the media on WeChat, saying that a temporary media briefing will be held in a legal company, which attracted almost all live broadcast platforms to the scene.At the briefing, Xu Xiaodong was full of indignation, and even choked up, saying that he had awakened some pressure, but he would still go all out.  Just two days ago, the Chinese Wushu Association issued a statement characterizing the contest between Xu Xiaodong and Lei Lei as a contract, and said that this kind of private fighting violated the morality and was suspected of breaking the law.  Our proposal is legal, how can we say it is a contract?Xu Xiaodong told China News Weekly.According to him, the competition with Lei Lei was in the Yichan Wuguan Museum in Sichuan. The curator of the museum was Ma Yuwei as the referee.Beforehand, both parties had an exemption agreement, stating that they would not be held accountable if they were injured, which was also confirmed by Ma Yuwei.  However, Lei Lei’s picture of covering his head with blood stains aroused some people’s sympathy, and Xu Xiaodong’s comments on Taijiquan made many self-proclaimed martial arts figures stand out.For a while, Yang Guodong, chairman of the Guangdong Plum Blossom Pile Boxing Research Association, said Shi Yanjue, who claimed to be the first protector of the Shaolin Temple, and Qin Yulong, who claimed to be a disciple of the Kongtong School, and others wrote to Xu Xiaodong.Guo Chendong, the founder of the series “Glory of the Warriors”, said that he would invest 1.2 million yuan specifically for the competition between Xu Xiaodong and these masters.At that time, Xu Xiaodong saw his efforts finally bear fruit, and with the support of capital and the public, his dreams for many years finally became possible in his prime.  Subsequently, many people outside the circle have voiced.Ma Yun believes that this is a show with the best interaction between singing and watching, and some people are still alive, seriously!Wang Sicong expressed his support, although he was suspected of hype, but at least he was playing counterfeit.  On the Internet, many videos of traditional martial arts masters have been re-recognized. The amazing skills shown by Yan Fang and Lei Lei were fooled by many netizens, and videos such as Tai Chi football and Tai Chi vs. Hercules proved to be the need for program effects.But at the same time, some people also found that Xu Xiaodong’s resume also had suspects of fraud.In the bustling public events, all kinds of details have become the netizen’s talk.The upsurge of carnival has caused everything to be dissolved quickly.  Although the challengers of these challenges and the melon-eating people are talking to themselves, Mo Yiyi is also criticized by the Chinese Wushu Association for such a challenge, Xu Xiaodong can still be fearless.At the scene of the media briefing, after many setbacks, he finally dialed Guo Chendong’s phone, and confirmed with the media the news of the investment to support the contest.Dozens of live broadcast platforms took a fancy to Xu Xiaodong’s network effect, and all expressed their support, hoping for exclusive cooperation opportunities.  At that time, Xu Xiaodong still believed that he had enough allies and supporters to let his anti-counterfeiting road continue.He wears shorts and sandals, keeps interacting with the media and fans, and sometimes sells puns, and has a natural sense of closeness to the webcast.In the face of provocation, Xu Xiaodong will also take advantage of it, and if necessary, will put himself in the position of the weak.He referred to the behavior of Chen Xiaowang’s disciples as a containment, and repeatedly found that the young female assistant was severely frightened. The choice of the alarm was a last resort.  Later, he threw the question to the media and live broadcast platform, asking for their opinions and attitudes, and added to record the whole process of the containment. Once it was broadcast, it would definitely be hot.Support Brother Dong!Someone responded loudly.So, Xu Xiaodong turned on his mobile phone and showed the video.All the media reporters rushed forward, some reporters even jumped on the table and had a dispute with their peers.But the intense conflict scenes in the video did not appear, which also made some people feel a little disappointed.  At the end of the briefing, Xu Xiaodong sold another pass, and will announce more martial arts insider and recent plans at the global press conference on May 7, and invite media to participate.Extended reading: Xu Xiaodong confessed to Tai Chi that the frustration video should not be aimed at the martial arts character too much. Xu Xiaodong was blocked by the whole network. 400,000 fans Weibo account was deleted. Shichahai Sports School said Xu Xiaodong’s resume was faked and only attended training courses that can be spent.Xu Xiaodong KO spike tai chi thunder video full version watch onlinePrevious12Next